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Monday, October 09, 2006

The vassal state of Serbia

Sorry for the lateness of this posting, but here is the text of a report of the address given by Mihajlo Markovic, one of the founders of the Socialist Party of Serbia, on 8th September.

Markovic makes some excellent points on the way that since the fall of President Milosevic in a US funded coup in 2000, Serbia has surrendered its freedom-- and like all the other countries in the region- has become a vassal state of the New World Order. The point he makes about the lack of independent media in Serbia today- compared to the situation during the allegedly authoritatian Milosevic era is particularly apt.

BBC Monitoring International Reports - September 8, 2006 Friday
Text of report by Serbian independent news agency FoNetBelgrade, 8 September:

Academic Mihajlo Markovic, one of the founders of the Socialist Party of Serbia [SPS] today assessed that Serbia was "free and honourable" during the time of [former Serbian and Yugoslav President] Slobodan Milosevic while it was now a semi-colony "whose government is a vassal government with each ministry populated by foreign intelligence officers and experts who now sit there drafting bills and passing undesirable decisions".

During a presentation of the book of documents on the funeral of Slobodan Milosevic published by the "Sloboda" Association under the title "Slobodan means to be free [pun]", Markovic asked if ever in the history of Serbia some of its authorities had behaved in "such an irrational and irresponsible manner"."
The Serb people knew what they had lost when in Belgrade and Pozarevac they staged a magnificent farewell to the slain president, while those who had killed him turned him into a legend who would never be forgotten," he noted.

According to Markovic, during the time of the Milosevic administration, Serbia was "a military power", while now the soldier who shot down the US stealth plane during the NATO bombing "was thrown out of the military and proceedings are being conducted against him over some alleged offence". Markovic emphasized that "in allegedly authoritarian times" each citizen had an opposition paper of his or her own, they had various radio and a television stations, whereas these days "only those in possession of capital own and possess the media, and this cannot be called opposition".

He assessed that with the death of Milosevic, the epoch started on 27 March 1941 [military coup against Yugoslav authorities who signed Tripartite Pact with Nazi Germany on 25 Mar 1941] during which the Serb people were free had ended, while now this people lived "in servility towards the new world order". Leaflets saying "Slobo is alive, he is not dead, as long as Serbs and Serbia live" were distributed during the promotion.

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