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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Prove you're not a neo-con, Dave

"I'm not a neo-conservative, I'm a liberal Conservative. But Conservative, because I also recognise the complexities of human nature, and will always be sceptical of grand schemes to remake the world." -
Dave told the party faithful yesterday.

Can we believe him? One way Cameron can prove that he is not a neo-conservative- or in their clutches- is to sack William Hague and Liam Fox from the Conservative front bench team and replace them with Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Douglas Hogg.
And while he's at it, replace Nicholas Boles as the head of Policy Exchange.
If Mr Boles then finds himself with a little time on his hands, I suggest him buying an airline ticket to Baghdad to do his bit for a war he was so keen on starting.

UPDATE: I am informed by reader 'Delworth' in his/her usually friendly and courteous way that Policy Exchange is completely independent of the Conservative Party and that Dave has as much power to replace Nicholas Boles as he does to replace Arsene Wenger as manager of Arsenal. There are some who would argue that the Conservative Party does have rather more input on the leadership of Policy Exchange than it does on the issue of who occupies the dug-out at The Emirates Stadium, but let's not quibble. Seeing that Dave can't sack Boles, he can do the next best thing-which is to totally ignore the half-baked ideas coming from his barmy think-tank.

ps according to the influential Tory Party guru and Times comment editor Daniel Finkelstein, referring to David Cameron as 'Dave' is a sign of 'absurd right-wing fogeyness'. First time I've ever been accused of that!


Miguel said...
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Neil Clark said...

I support hanging convicted murderers who have been found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt (eg Ian Huntley) and not shoplifters.
But if hankering for a time when Perry and Croft- and not Walliams and Lucas- 'ruled the airwaves' makes me a fogey, I'll happily plead guilty. Though I expect most readers will agree its just about a preference for quality products over puerile crap.

Miguel said...
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Neil Clark said...

It's not a question of either or- one can enjoy the Office and Extras- and Dad's Army and It Ain't Half Hot Mum. Don't think because I'm a huge fan of Perry and Croft I don't enjoy some modern comedy too- I can think of few more hilarious sketches than Alan Partridge's immortal 'Cheeky Monkey'! (ok that was ten years old now- but still fairly modern!)
I don't agree with you that 'You Rang M'Lord was a 'dud'-it had some very funny moments- but even if we agree it wasn't up to Perry and Croft's usual standards, remember it was the fourth series they had written together. Will Gervais/Merchant's fourth series be as good as The Office and Extras? Until then, I think we should reserve judgement.