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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today's Perler Nominee: Anne Applebaum

Today's nominee for a Perle award is the esteemed Washington Post columnist, and 24-7 Cold War Warrior Ms Anne Applebaum.
Here's some classic pre-invasion Applebaum from the Washington Post, when she was replying to readers' questions about the Iraqi 'crisis'. A 'crisis' artificially created in the offices of the American Enterprise Institute, where, surprise, surpise, Ms Applebaum's husband, Radek Sikorski, now Polish Defence Minister, was working as 'Executive Director' of the 'New Atlantic Initiative. Small world, isn't it!

Anne Applebaum: “I still don't understand what the Germans propose to do about Saddam Hussein's weapons: send in more inspectors, so that the inspectors can be deceived? impose more sanctions, so more Iraqi children will starve?

Lehi, Utah: Do France, Germany, and other nations which apparently oppose the U.S.-British position on Iraq, have any concern that if war comes and massive proof of Iraqi WMD is found, it will leave a stain on their credibility on such issues?

Anne Applebaum: It's a good question - I would think it would worry them. France and Germany do risk being completely disqualified as serious members of the international commmunity. Inspections haven't worked - that is, they haven't prevented Iraq from developing weapons.

Really, Anne? I suppose the weapons that Iraq 'developed' are still buried in the desert, or were moved with the connivance of those dastardly Syrians/Iranians? And France and Germany really have been "completely disqualified as serious members of the international community" for not joining in in the invasion haven't they?

If, like me, you're keen to find out whether Ms Applebaum still feels aggrieved at the Franco-German stance towards Saddam's 'weapons', this most perspicacious of foreign policy experts can be contacted via email at

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TheRedLeopard said...

Anne Applebaum. Seems like she's rotten to the core......