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Friday, October 27, 2006

Today's Perle Nominee: Andrew Roberts

No, not the fiery West Indies fast bowler of the 1970s, but the man who is to history what Tommy Cooper was to magic. Andrew is the undisputed winner of The Most Stupid Historical Analogy Award for his attempts to compare the "threat" posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq, with its mitten-wearing Dads Army and one and a half Scuds, to that posed by the Third Reich at its terrible peak. Good luck with your new book and tv series, Andrew.
February 2003.

"This is not another Suez crisis, for the obvious and straightforward reasons that the west is not today trying to recapture anything for itself, that Egypt posed no military threat to the Nato allies in 1956 and that the British government is pursuing its ends openly through the UN, at least initially, rather than through collusion. Moreover, the people of Egypt were fully in support of Nasser, whereas the moment a US-led invasion of Iraq is successful, the full extent of the Iraqi people's fear and hatred of Saddam will immediately become evident.

No, the situation is far closer to the late 1930s, when a fascist dictator stealthily acquired weapons of mass destruction - the Luftwaffe's bombing arm - and attempted to acquire nuclear weapons, too.
For Churchill, his apotheosis came in 1940; for Tony Blair, it will come when Iraq is successfully invaded and hundreds of weapons of mass destruction are unearthed from where they have been hidden by Saddam's henchmen.

They must have hidden them pretty well, Andrew........

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