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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The biggest "club bore" of them all

Is there really a more tiresome person in the whole of the western hemisphere than Niall Ferguson? This dreadfully vain and affected man, not only makes bog-awful television programmes and writes bog- awful books, he is also responsible for the most bog-awful column in the whole of the British press.
In his pitiful offering for this week's Sunday Telegraph,
the master of unoriginality jumps on the current anti-Russian bandwaggon calling for the " the two club bores – China and Russia to either be "expelled" from the UN, or " brought to their senses". Their crime- not to follow the foreign policy dictates of the US and Britain on the subject of North Korea. According to our "renowned historian", Russia and China are not interested in nuclear non-proliferation, but only with advancing their strategic interests. The U.S. where Ferguson incidentally pockets a rather large pay packet as a Professor at Harvard, can of course never be accused of that!

As for Russia and China being "club bores", it takes one to know one, Niall.

There's a lovely comment from Daniel Edwin on the Telegraph's website:
For a professor of history, the author is strangely ill-informed...

For anyone familiar with this particular professor's work, there's nothing strange about it.

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