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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Don't be rude about old folk, George

If there's one thing that really gets my goat is a bad loser. You play the game hard, and play it to win, but if you lose you take it with good grace. But not it seems if your name is George Monbiot. The world famous environmentalist recently took part in a Conservative Party conference debate on the role of big business in society. He made some good points, but lost the debate. Instead of being pleased that he had convinced around one third of a Conservative Party audience to vote for a motion that big business was indeed bad for society- he instead launched into an ageist attack on his audience in this week's New Statesman

Halfway through my talk, I began to suspect that the audience had died. My killer jokes resounded through a hall as lively as a catacomb. Even when the lights came up, I wasn't entirely sure. The cobwebs rustled briefly, then the patina of dust settled again. Perhaps it was just the wind. Cameron thinks he's leading his party towards a "bright future". This lot stopped moving 20 years ago.

I wonder if Monboit includes in 'this lot'- his father Raymond, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and the Chairman of the National Convention? Or his mother Rosalie, a Conservative councillor who led South Oxford district council for a decade?

How strange that he doesn't reveal that both his parents are prominent Tory activists when he comes to explaining how it was he spent a day with 'Dave and the Dead' in the first place.

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