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Friday, October 13, 2006

Russophobes at the ready!

Predictably, faced with the situation of a Russian President- horror of horrors- who is prepared to stand up for Russian interests- the west's Russophobes have gone into overdrive this week. One of the most notorious of their number is the Economist's central and eastern european correspondent Edward Lucas. Here he is, spouting off in today's Times (where else?) on why the West must stand by poor, defenceless Georgia, in its battle with the big, bad bear.,,6-2401351,00.html

Anyone who talks of 'the democratic years of the 1990s' in Russia, as Lucas does, exposes him/herself as a complete and utter twerp- the country was governed by an alcoholic, corrupt President, with economic power in the hand of a small group of extremely corrupt oligarchs. And the only reason Yeltsin was re-elected in 1996 was the massive interference in the election by the west, petrified that Russia would elect a President who was actually going to put the interests of the Russian people first. That would never do!


Martin said...


You're absolutely right.

As a critic of globalisation from the right, Russia is the pill that the New World Order wants but cannot swallow. Given that tits leaders may have the capacity to make this country a very forbidding place, the rhetoric deployed against Russia is absurd.

TheRedLeopard said...

It's clear that Russia is a 'faraway country' of which Edward Lucas knows nothing.
Democracy in Russia the 1990s! That really is hysterical!
Yeltsin represented the complete antithesis of democracy.