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Monday, October 23, 2006

Introducing: The Perlers

Hollywood has the Oscars. The theatre has the Oliviers. Horse Racing has the Lesters.
To celebrate this blog's first anniversary, I proudly introduce a new, annual award: The Perlers- for the most ludicrous justifications for military action and intervening in other country's internal affairs.
The first category is : "Most Way-Out Prediction about the Iraq war." As can be expected, competition is very intense for this award. Over the next few days I'll be showcasing the work of some of the nominees, starting today with the Independent's Boy Wonder journalist Johann Hari, and a prediction he made about the conflict in January 2003.
We do not need President Bush's dangerous arguments about "pre-emptive action" to justify this war. Nor do we need to have the smoking gun of WMD. All we need are the humanitarian arguments we used during the Kosovo conflict to remove the monstrous Slobodan Milosevic - and this time, we can act in the certain (rather than probable) knowledge that the people being tyrannised will be cheering us on.

Nothing like certainty is there, Johann?

1 comment:

grapesofplenty said...

How does Hari get away with it?
He was exposed by Private Eye as a liar over his alleged drugs exploits at Cambridge and his much-publicised journalistic fact finding mission to pre-war Iraq, during which the Iraqi people told him how much they'd love their country to be invaded, took place on a package holiday! Twat.