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Monday, October 02, 2006

At long last....

a democratically elected politician in Hungary has the guts to tell an unelected EU bigwig where to get off.


Opposition leader Viktor Orbán criticized the European Commission's endorsement of Hungary's economic reform package by suggesting that the EC economic "czar" Joaquín Almunia try living like an average Hungarian."I suggest this man move [to Hungary] and live off Hungarian wages," Orbán said on the Thursday morning show of Duna TV, reports portal "I would also have great recommendations on what Hungarians should do if I was in Brussels with a commissioner's salary."
Commissioners receive a monthly salary of €18,100 (Ft 4.8 million), and also receive a monthly allowance of €2,700 for housing, and an official car.
Almunia has called for Hungary to strict adhere to the fiscal and monetary targets required for adoption of the single European currency. "Future [Hungarian governments] also need to follow this program," Almunia recently said. "There are no alternatives [to the programs]. Anyone not accepting this program would cause great suffering to the Hungarian people."
Alminia's spokesman did not comment on Orbán’s interview.

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