Thursday, May 04, 2006

What They Teach You At HBS

Here's a rather chilling piece by Philip Delves Broughton on the dog-eat-dog world of Harvard Business School.
Education should not be like this. I was fortunate to spend a year in the 1990s teaching at Aiglon College, an international school in the Swiss Alps. Although the majority of children there were from very wealthy families, the school, a member of The Round Square Conference, espoused a collectivist, (some would say socialistic) ethos, encouraging co-operation and not competition between the students.
Most weekends, students had to go on expeditions in the mountains, where they learned how to co-operate and get on well with their fellow classmates. It was an education in the broadest sense of the word and although Aiglon may not have come at the top of exam results tables (that was never the school's aim) it certainly came out top at producing well-rounded, decent members of society.

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