Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Clutching at Reeds

Like all nature lovers, I'm delighted that the process of recovering of Iraq's marshes has begun. But isn't it saying something about the increasing desperation of the pro-war left that they are now focusing attention on such issues? On the day Norman Geras posted this on his blog, news came through that at least thirty-eight people, including four Britons, were killed in Iraq. Little wonder that the joint author of The Euston Manifesto prefers to write about fish and birds.
Marsh of progress
Here's a piece on the process of recovering Iraq's marshes:
Reflooding of Iraq's destroyed Mesopotamian marshes since 2003 has resulted in a "remarkable rate of reestablishment" of native invertebrates, plants, fish, and birds, according to an article in the June issue of BioScience. Read
the rest. (Thanks: GJ.)"


back40 said...

Norm has been speaking about this for years, ever since the Marsh Arabs, in one of Sadddam's most brutal purges, were liberated.

There are two important issues: the genocidal war against the Marsh Arabs that was conducted using weapons of all sorts to kill them, and the destruction of an important ecosystem with historic importance in an attempt to destroy their way of life and means of material support.

I opposed the war but still am glad that this ecosystem is being restored and that the people who live there now have much less to fear.

Miguel said...
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