Sunday, May 28, 2006

If Only We'd Listened to Wedgie

Britain could have been as rich as Norway, ( now officially the richest country in the world), had we listened to the politician pro-war neo-liberals love to hate.
Here's my piece from today's First Post.


grapesofplenty said...

The great tragedy for Britain in that we got the wrong Tony B for Prime Minister. Tony Benn has been proved right on just about everything: be it North Sea oil, the loss of sovereignty to the EU,
the corruption of the honours system, the miners' strike and last but not least, the wars against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Miguel said...
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Miguel said...
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Neil Clark said...

The impact of oil revenues could - and should have been even greater in Britain as at the time the BNOC was set up by Tony Benn we still had a manufacturing base which could have been greatly assisted.
Norway's State Petroleum Fund Fund now stands at $210 bn. Britain meanwhile, despite the enormous reserves of North Sea oil which were available- to say nothing of the hundreds of years of coal under our soil- is joining in with American-led wars for control over the world's energy supplies!
In the circumstances I think the (ha!) remark you placed after 'Prime Minister Benn' would be better reserved for Prime Ministers Thatcher, Major and Blair.
If you are a British citizen Chimpo, I think you should be throwing bananas at all three for squandering such a golden opportunity.