Friday, May 05, 2006

The Dream Team : The Cabinet we ought to have

Tony Blair is reshuffling his cabinet. Here are my suggestions for a dream team ' left-right' anti-war coalition.
Who'd be in your team?

Joint Prime Ministers: Tariq Ali and Sir Peregrine Worsthorne
Foreign Secretary: John Pilger
Minister of State, Foreign Office: Dr John Laughland
Defence: Kate Hudson
Armed Forces: Corelli Barnett
Trade and Industry: Ian Johnson
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Sir Peter Tapsell MP
Home Secretary: Peter Hitchens
Education: Mark Almond (the writer, not the pop singer, though both would I'm sure do a better job than whoever Blair appoints...)
Leader of the Commons: Felicity Arbuthnot
Leader of the Lords: Lord (Ian) Gilmour
Cabinet Office: Peter Wilby
Health: Ken Clarke MP
NHS: Alice Mahon
Minister for Europe: Alan Simpson MP
Transport: Andrew Murray
Lord Chancellor: Douglas Hogg MP
Energy: Arthur Scargill
Science and Technology: Tam Dalyell
Agriculture: Michael Meacher MP
Environment: Peter Bottomley MP
Arts: Harold Pinter
Culture & Media: Seumas Milne
International Development: Tony Benn
Ministers without Portfolio: Matthew Parris; Bruce Kent
Sport: Geoffrey Wheatcroft


Tempelton said...

Do you have a genuine enthusiasm for the like of Peter Hitchens, or are you just purposely looking to build a 'balancing act' coalition of ideologically unbending schoolmaster types?

Neil Clark said...

I do have a 'genuine enthusiasm' for Peter Hitchens- he's a nice man and a man of principle too.
In addition to opposing both the wars against Yugoslavia in 1999 and Iraq in 2003, he also supports:
(a) renationalisation of the railways
(b) reintroduction of capital punishment.
He would, I believe make a terrific Home Secretary. And a pretty good Foreign Secretary or Transport Minister too for that matter.

AlexCleaver said...

What? No space for Galloway in the cabinet. I'm very disappointed

Neil Clark said...

GG would have been in there a year ago, but I lost my 'respect' for him when he appeared on Big Brother.