Monday, May 29, 2006

Their names won't be C.Hitchens or W.Shawcross

Two more British soldiers have been killed today in Iraq. As yet the men are unnamed, but I wager their names will not be C. Hitchens or W. Shawcross. Or, for that matter A. Roberts, N. Ferguson or M.Gove.,,1785339,00.html
UPDATE: The dead soldiers have been named. I was right: their names weren't C.Hitchens or W.Shawcross or indeed the names of any of the other laptop bombadiers who couldn't wait for 'Shock and Awe' to start. They were called Farrelly and Mildinhall. Perhaps one of the writers named above, or any others who propagandised for war, would be decent enough to write to the poor men's parents to explain why they died.

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