Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Labour Party entryism: A case in point

Back in the 1970s and 80s there was a big fuss stirred up in the anti-socialist media about the 'entryism' of 'far left' groups into the Labour Party. But the media is less keen to focus on entryism into the party by people who hold decidely un-socialist views. Gisela Stuart, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, is a case in point.
Stuart is a signatory to principles of The Henry Jackson Society, the notorious neo-conservative pressure group. She is also a great fan of the monetarist economic policies of Margaret Thatcher - believing that in 1979 there 'had to be a change'. In other words, she thinks it was a good thing that a Labour government lost in 1979 and was replaced by a neo-liberal Conservative one. In addition, she was the only Labour MP to openly voice support for George Bush in the 2004 Presidential elections.
Members of Edgbaston Labour Party can perhaps explain to the rest of us why they have they chosen a pro-war, capitalism-loving Conservative to represent them.

Here's are Stuart's thoughts on Britain's Thatcherite 'recovery' of the 1980s from today's Daily Telegraph.
ps it's interesting that in Stuart's tirade against the European 'social model' she makes no mention of the
biggest reason for Western Europe's current economic malaise- the deflationary policies which have accompanied the introduction of the Euro.


grapesofplenty said...

The answer's easy, Neil. It's because 'Labour' is now a pro-war capitalist Conservative Party.

TheRedLeopard said...

Can you actually get selected as a Labour MP nowadays if you espouse anti-war, anti-capitalist views?