Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dave and the 'Neo'-Conservative Party

Last October in The Guardian I warned readers not to be fooled by the spin that David Cameron represented a new, 'moderate' face of conservatism.,,1598988,00.html
Behind Cameron's candidature were some of the Party's most hard-line neo-cons, such as George Osborne, Michael Gove and Ez Vaizey. All three are signatories to the principles of the Henry Jackson Society; all three were strong supporters of the illegal invasion of Iraq. Since becoming leader, Cameron has increased the neo-conservative influence within the party by appointing the arch-hawks William Hague and Liam Fox to head the Conservatives foreign policy team. The party's policy on Iran, Belarus and Venezuela is now even more hardline than Labour's and should serve as a warning to anyone who believes that a Conservative victory will end Britain's present catastrophic foreign policy orientation.
Here's Matthew Parris' excellent piece from today's Times on why there is nothing 'moderate' whatsoever about Dave.,,6-2188732,00.html
ps: The prospect of a future Conservative government with an even more hawkish foreign policy stance than New Labour, does make some people happy........

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Martin said...


The current Conservative leadership are nothing but a bunch of upper crust bully boys and well-heeled thugs.

Anyone who ever supported the invasion of Iraq, myself included, is a thug; but for them to persist in thuggery when the evidence of its futility has been an abundance of corpses is almost sociopathic.

Their foreign policy is not about improving societies; it's based on hurting people.

They're psychos, every man jack of them. God alone knows what this country would be like if they ever get into office, given their attitude to someone else's.