Saturday, May 28, 2011

Save the NHS protests held across Britain

The Daily Mail reports:

Protesters are lining up outside banks up and down the country in opposition to proposed changes to the NHS. 

'The NHS did not cause the financial crisis – the banks did and are continuing to make billions in profits. And yet it is the NHS which is being cut,' said Candy Udwin of the Camden Keep Our NHS Public campaign, which took part.

'Here in Camden there are hundreds of jobs under threat and that is why protests like this are being strongly supported.'

Health worker and UK Uncut supporter Rosie Beech, 29, said: 'David Cameron said he wasn't going to cut the NHS. He lied. '50,000 NHS staff will lose their jobs, whilst the taxpayer continues to subsidise the banks.'

Also, in the Guardian:

Protesters have been holding demonstrations outside high street banks around the UK and have succeeded in occupying a number of branches in the biggest direct action to date against proposed changes to the NHS.

The national protest, designed to draw attention to the banks' role in creating the deficit, is being spearheaded by the anti-austerity campaigning group UK Uncut, which has been were joined by trade unionists and others.

The British people will never allow the NHS to be destroyed. It's time Andrew Lansley and the other neoliberal 'reformers' in the current government realised that.

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