Sunday, May 15, 2011

David Cameron's KPMG adviser : NHS reform offers a ’big opportunity’ for capital to make profits

The Guardian reports: 

A senior adviser to David Cameron says the NHS could be improved by charging patients and will be transformed into a "state insurance provider, not a state deliverer" of care.

Mark Britnell, who was appointed to a "kitchen cabinet" advising the prime minister on reforming the NHS, told a conference of executives from the private sector that future reforms would show "no mercy" to the NHS and offer a "big opportunity" to the for-profit sector.

Britnell, a former director of commissioning for the NHS, who is now head of health at the accountancy giant KPMG, was invited to join a group of senior health policy experts, described by the respected Health Studies Journal as a "kitchen cabinet", in Downing Street earlier this month.

......In unguarded comments at a conference in New York organised by the private equity company Apax, Britnell claimed that the next two years in the UK would provide a "big opportunity" for the for-profit sector, and that the NHS would ultimately end up as a financier of care similar to an insurance company rather than a provider of hospitals and staff.

You can read more here.

Allowing the NHS to be ripped apart by profit-hungry private companies is of course what the Lansley ‘reforms’ are all about. Only the government has to pretend that it’s ‘reforming’ the NHS in order to ‘improve it’.


Jason Stirland said...

Front of the main section of "The Observer". Suggest you check the article history.

Neil Clark said...

article history:

'was published on at 20.34 BST on Saturday 14 May 2011. A version appeared on p1 of the Main section section of the Observer on Sunday 15 May 2011. It was last modified at 23.18 BST on Saturday 14 May 2011. It was first published at 20.00 BST on Saturday 14 May 2011.

You're being pedantic, 'Jason Stirland'.

Hugo said...

Grahame Morris MP asked the Secretary of State whether KPMG or Mark Britnell had had any contact with DH. They completely deny it. Either DH or Mark Britnell is telling porkies