Thursday, August 14, 2008

Support The Exile- the man who gives you the truth

Well, the last few days have seen a barrage of Russophobic and wildly inaccurate articles in the western media about the situation in South Ossetia and Georgia. With one or two exceptions, our airwaves and television news bulletins have been full of reports all spouting the same misinformation- about how Russia was invading Georgia, how Russia was the aggressor and how 'plucky little Georgia' was under grave threat. But our friend The Exile was having none of it. He called the conflict right by mainly taking with a huge lorry load of salt, all the press releases coming out of the Georgian Ministry of (Mis))Information. The Exile spent all his weekend blogging about South Ossetia, and the quality of his posts were terrific. Unlike many of the 'experts' and 'analysts' who gave the western public such a misleading impression of what was going on in South Ossetia over the last few days, The Exile is not a rich man and he's put up an appeal on his blog for voluntary donations so he can carry on providing such an excellent service to readers. Please try and support him if you can, even a fiver would be hugely appreciated.


Roland Hulme said...

I think the Exile's worth a fiver - but the jury's not out on how accurate his assessment of the Georgian situation is. You and he have both been angrily touting that 'this isn't an invasion' but if troops entering a neighbouring country and annexing two provinces (as I'm sure will happen) isn't an invasion, I'm not entirely sure what is.

Anonymous said...

Yes, support the man who wrote this:

"At the end of the day, the only argument between British working men, Cossack irregular cavalrymen and Iraqi militias should be over who gets first go at the wives and daughters."