Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing does the Olympics proud

Well, how did you find today's opening ceremony? I certainly can't remember a more impressive one. I've always believed that the Olympics should be held permanently in Greece, to avoid the politicking, but after today's incredible show, I think it might be an idea for the Games to be held permanently in China, with the rest of the world chipping in to help with the expenses.
It'll certainly be better than holding them in London. Can you imagine what the opening ceremony in 2012 will be like?

No, I'd rather not either......


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's a nice show and all, but I'll be more interested in your idea when China stops persecuting Christians and tears down the Great Firewall.

I've heard that prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are being forced to look at the logo for the 2012 Olympics. Now that makes waterboarding look downright benevolent!

neil craig said...

That would convince the Chinese that they were once again the Middle Kingdom around which all the barbarian regimes revolved. That may well happen anyway but I don't think it is even in the interests of the Chinese to encourage it.

Of course the US has recently had it twice & twice more just over the border in Montreal & Mexico City.

David Lindsay said...

No mention of Mao in the Chinese history section. But just wait for London in 2012.

Will the present President of the European Commission still be in office? I can’t see why not. And he will doubtless be there, an utterly unrepentant old Maoist who went on to be a ferociously “free”-marketeering and pro-Bush Prime Minister of Portugal before being wafted into his present position.

A fit reward for overthrowing, in this country’s oldest ally and explicitly in the name of Maoism, the successfully anti-Fascist and anti-Marxist Estado Novo (so redolent of economically social democratic moral and social conservatism) and the successfully anti-Fascist and anti-Marxist Lusotopicalism (so redolent of British and Commonwealth patriotism).