Monday, August 11, 2008

He's baaaaack! The return of the world's greatest detective

Neo-con aggression thwarted in the Caucasus. Sheffield Wednesday top of the Championship. Another Major for Padraig Harrington. And Denis Matyajaszek receiving the custard pie treatment from Daily Telegraph readers. Didn't think things could get any better?

Well, they're going to.

At 12.20 tonight (or rather in the early hours of Tuesday morning), BBC2 will show a classic episode of Ellery Queen: The 12th Floor Express. You can watch the first nine minutes of this wonderful mystery, set in the offices of a New York newspaper, here. For the rest of it, you'll just have to wait until the witching hour!
Mystery fans are in for a real treat, and our dear friend 'slapheads anonymous' will have a great chance to compare the acting abilities of the late, great Jim Hutton (pictured above) with the much over-hyped Heath Ledger. Enjoy!


ematejoca said...

The episodes of Ellery Queen I am not able to watch on the BBC2 Television.
Please, post it on your blog, if possible. Thanks a lot.
Best wishes from Portugal, where I am spending my holidays.

Neil Clark said...

Hi ematejoca,
I will try and post it! Have a great time in Portugal!