Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's Voting time again!

No, it’s not time yet for the vote for Best UK blog at the 2008 Weblog awards, the biggest international blogging awards, which, thanks to your tremendous support, and to the chagrin of Britain's self-appointed über-bloggers', this blog won at a canter last year (wasn‘t that fun!), but another award. Here’s the blurb from the organisers:

In early September TOTAL POLITICS, in association with APCO WORLDWIDE will publish the 2008-9 Guide to Political Blogging in the UK. It will contain articles on blogging by some of Britain's leading bloggers, together with a directory of UK political blogs, and a series of Top 20s and Top 10s. The book will be available at the Green Party, TUC, Labour, LibDem and Tory Conferences, where TOTAL POLITICS will have exhibition stands.

We're asking for your votes to decide the Top 100 UK Political Blogs. Simply email your Top Ten (ranked from 1 to 10) to If you have a blog, please encourage your readers to do the same. I'll then compile the Top 100 from those that you send in. Just order them from 1 to 10. Your top blog gets 10 points and your tenth gets 1 point.

The deadline for submitting your Top 10 is midnight Friday August 8th. Please type Top 10 in the subject line.

Once all the entries are in a lucky dip draw will take place and the winner will be sent £100 worth of political books.
The rules are simple:

1. Please only vote once
2. Only blogs based in the UK, run by UK residents are eligible or based on UK politics are eligible
3. Votes must be cast before Friday 15 August
4. Blogs chosen must be listed in the Total Politics Blog Directory.
5. You must send a list of TEN blogs, ranked. Any entry containing fewer than ten blogs will not count.
6. Anonymous votes left in the comments will not count. You must give a name

So, once again, the email address to send your TOP TEN BLOGS to is...

The über-blogger elite, who think they own the blogosphere (I’m not naming names), and who seek always to set the parameters of ’acceptable’ debate, certainly won’t want to see this blog feature in the top 100. So please vote for it!

But please remember, for the vote to be valid you must vote for 10 UK political blogs. Some suggestions of great political blogs- such as The Exile, Organised Rage and Rebellion Sucks!, can be found on the blog roll list on the right hand side of the page: the blogs on my blog roll list are certainly the ones I'll be voting for! If the blog you want to vote for doesn’t show up on the Total Politics blogs directory, you can always add it by submitting its url and name in the little box on the left hand side of this page.)

UPDATE: I've been informed that the dealine for voting has been bought forward to midnight on Friday 8th August ie tomorrow night! So if you are going to vote, please try and do so asap! Many thanks.

Happy voting!


Roland Hulme said...

If they have to be blogs by UK residents, I don't think our favourite Mancunian exile would be eligable, sadly enough. He's an expatriate, like me.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Roland,
Great to hear from you- hope Martin and Mrs H are doing fine. The contest rules state:

"Only blogs based in the UK, run by UK residents are eligible or based on UK politics are eligible"

so I think according to that, The Exile will be eligible as his blog is definitely based on UK politics.

Ken said...

Yeah, it comes in the "based on UK politics" bit.

Don't forget that you can only vote for blogs that are indexed by the site. Ours are, but Roland's isn't I don't think.