Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Question for Dave

"They cannot behave in a way that they invade a neighbouring country – completely against international law … and get away with it".

says the wannabee British Prime Minister, a propos of Russian action against Georgia. Does his statement mean that he now opposes the illegal invasion of Iraq?

And if not, why not?


Anonymous said...

Iraq wasn't a neighbouring country last time I checked.

Neil Clark said...

I think the emphasis is on the invading and being against international law- not whether the country is a neighbour or not!

Charlie Marks said...

Oh, yeah Dave - you can invade far-off countries, but not here in Europe....

Neil - a better question might be on Cameron's position re: Iran. But we know the answer to that one - he's on record as saying he'd back the use of force/

olching said...

Shhh, Neil, don't ask such difficult questions. You're not seriously demanding consistency and logic in DC's line of 'thinking'? Don't be so harsh on the poor fella!

We should never forget that the motion in the House of Commons was passed due to the fact that the Tories almost unilaterally supported the motion.

Anonymous said...

It means he is a good Poodle for the US; willing to say what they want to hear, and repeat the unfunny joke about international law.

One reason for US to welcome him to office.
One reason for us not to vote for him.