Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On A Deadly Disease called 'Neoconservatism'

A warmonger named Alan Johnson, writing on the Guardian website believes 'the disease of attacking doctrine termed neoconservative is endemic in the UK and the US'. Johnson goes on: "Neocon has morphed into an all-purpose insult for anyone who still believes that American power is inextricable from global stability and still thinks the muscular anti-totalitarian US interventionism that brought down Slobodan Milosevic has a place."

How tragic. Instead of attacking them, should of course we lavishing praise on those who have brought us so much death and destruction these past few years.

No, Alan. 'Neoconitis' is not the disease. Neoconservatism is. And it's very ,very deadly, as the poor souls in the photograph above will testify.


Anonymous said...

Tell me. When writing in support on World War Two, was George Orwell a 'warmonger'? Were his writings 'propaganda'?

Have you ever actually read any neoconservative essays or books? Because all you seem to do is throw the word around as a piece of ad hominem abuse, while evincing no sign of understanding the arguments or ideas neoconservatism represents. There is plenty of neoconservative dogma I wholeheartedly oppose, but I at least do them the favour of understanding their arguments and honestly responsing. Not simply using a term like 'neocon' as abuse towards anyone whose opinion on international relations isn't entirely opposed to the use of force, in exactly the same way that the right-wing uses the term 'pinko' or 'commie' towards anyone demonstrating even slightly statist traits.

Neil Clark said...

"When writing in support of WW2 was George Orwell a 'warmonger'?
No, because in that war it was the Nazis who were the aggressors. At the moment it's Alan Johnson and his gang of neocon/'liberal hawks' who are the aggressors.

what neo-con arguments are there to understand? neoconservatism is not an intellectual movement but a colossal deceit- corporate plunder dressed up as 'liberation' or 'spreading demcoracy'.

Anonymous said...

Have you read any Paul Berman?