Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire votes to destroy America

Well, what other conclusion can you come to when they vote for two warmongering candidates who only offer more of the same disastrous blood-drenched foreign policy?
The neocon dream is a Clinton v McCain Presidential election- an election they can't lose. The voters of New Hampshire last night made that depressing prospect much more likely.


Nick said...

Yup, democracy's pretty depressing sometimes.

Neil Clark said...

Happy New Year, Nick.
The problem is not democracy but a 'democracy' where money invariably determines the outcome. Clinton has the backing of Wall St and the defence industry- McCain too has powerful wealthy backers. As Stweart Parker notes in his excellent new book on Belarus, in the US midterm elections of 1998, 95% of winning candidates outspent their opponents.
In the US more often than not it's not the best candidate who wins, but the one who has raised most money, and that can't be described as 'democratic'.

Nick said...

The money aspect IS galling Neil, but it's VOTES (from voters - rich, poor, totally skint, whatever) that determine the winner - votes cast, perhaps, by people who should know better, but still votes. Not dollars. And don't tell me the dollars buy the votes, or there'd be no more poor - and they were still around last time I looked. And a happy New Year to you too.

Douglas said...

I think the New Hampshire results are a little more complicated than that, as neither Clinton nor McCain are advertising themselves as neo-con hegemonists.

It's also debatable to say that Clinton won, as Obama received the same number of convention delegates as Clinton

44% of the voters in New Hampshire are registered independents. That is very different from the rest of the country. So cheer up, chin up, chill out, stiff upper lip and all that.

If it were up to me, I'd make it where every state had to hold either cauci (is that a word?) or a primary on a different day, starting with the states with the fewest delegates first.

As it stands now, the winners on the February 5 "Giga Tuesday" will most likely be the nominees, in my opinion.