Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Kiev leaders took power with the Right Sector's help but are now frightened of them'

Above you can watch a new interview with me from on latest developments in Ukraine.


brian said...

Charles Shoebridge ‏@ShoebridgeC 16h
In #Odessa today, a chance for @Channel4News to hear locals' fears over new #Ukraine govt. But no, an interview with anti #Russia #Poland PM

brian said...

Swedish fascists who fight for #Ukraine Putsch

Yet another protest leader kidnapped, held political prisoner by Western-backed Putsch regime occupying Kiev #Ukraine

Ashton outraged by attack on 'democratic principles' dare they! its not cricket!

brian said...

Anonymous said...
Polish article detailing how the Polish Foreign Ministry brought over 86 bandera nazis from the Ukraine last September and trained them in a camp in para military and crowd control, among other things, including the use of sniping rifles.

Tajemnica stanu, tajemnica Majdanu

brian said...

progressive or regressive? my letter to Raw Story on being blocked from commenting

hello Raw Story
You posted an article on Steven Segal and Russia:
Steven Seagal favors Putin over Obama and says he may emigrate to Russia | The Raw Story

and on your FB page this appears:
The Raw Story
7 hrs ·
We'll help you pack, hairball!
is this your idea of progressive journalism? to nastily libel a public figure?
'Raw Story is a progressive news site that focuses on stories often ignored in the mainstream media. While giving coverage to the big stories of the day, we also bring our readers' attention to policy, politics, legal and human rights stories that get ignored in an infotainment culture driven solely by pageviews.

I posted some comments criticising your view that Segal was wrong to support Putin over Obama as well as the barrage of vitriol your other readers endulged themslves: sample:
aceshigh • an hour ago
What a treasonous, un-American piece of shit.

Get the fuck out of my country, you lowlife right-wing cretin, and take Nugent with you, you douchenozzle.

Yet i was blocked and none of these libelous posters were. : 'We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Raw Story. Find out more.'
care to explain?

and while at it, why is Raw Story supporting a fascist regime (Svoboda was rebuked in 2012 by EU for its fascism) that took power in Kiev by force?
Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - leaked EU's Ashton phone tape
Shame on Raw better than Fox


Anonymous said...

I and many of my friends and family are Russian speakers. But above all we are Ukrainian! If people want Russian rule than go to Russia. The days when national outcomes are produced behind closed doors by foreign powers is past. Leave Ukraine to Ukrainians.