Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crimean referendum is democracy in action

You can read a new interview with me on on the Crimean referendum and the double standards of the US/UK/EU elite figures who called it 'illegal', here.
Also, here's a link to a BBC Oxford interview with me on the same subject. The item starts at around 1.10mins into the programme.  


brian said...

The first passports have been handed out to the new Russian citizens in Crimea on Wednesday, the head of the Federal Migration Service said.

The treaty of Crimea's accession to Russia "was signed yesterday… And all, who appealed to the Federal Migration Service in the Crimea, will receive their passports. This work has started. Some of the passports were issued today,” said Konstantin Romodanovsky, the head of the Federal Migration Service, as cited by Itar-Tass news agency.

brian said...

while the new russia is building bridges to people:
NOVO-OGARYOVO, March 19 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Russian government on Wednesday to start preparations for the construction of a bridge linking the southern Russian Krasnodar Territory directly with Crimea.

the new ukraine regime is seeking to destroy them;
Violent Video: Ukraine TV Boss Beaten Up, Forced To Resign By Far-Right Svoboda MPs

Any normal person would no whats good and which to support... but the politicians of the 'international community' are not normal!

brian said...

William Hague deceived House of Commons over Ukraine
By David Morrison

Foreign Minister William Hague deceived the House of Commons about the legitimacy of the new regime in Ukraine in a statement on 4 March 2014. He led the House to believe that the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, had removed President Yanukovich from power on 22 February 2014 in accordance with the Ukrainian constitution and that therefore 'it is wrong to question the legitimacy of the new authorities'.

It is simply untrue that the Rada followed the procedure laid down in the Ukrainian constitution to impeach and remove a president from power.

This procedure, laid down in Article 111 of the constitution (see text below), is not unlike that required for the impeachment and removal from power of a US president, which could take months.


brian said...

Steiner ‏@Steiner1776 18h
Western #Ukraine 2014: #Nazi members in Waffen-SS unifoms make clear who is the new ruler in #Kiev via @SPB_citizen

U.S. Democracy ‏@US_Democracy 4h
Ukrainians chanting in the Kiev subway: "Kill Russians and pile corpses"
#Euromaidan #Євромайдан #Euromaidan #Nazi

Steiner ‏@Steiner1776 18h
Meanwhile in #Nazi controlled #Lviv western #Ukraine.Seems like Waffen-SS uniforms are common now via @SPB_citizen

brian said...

Russian Truth ‏@RussianTruth1 26m
A McFaul tweet about the possibilities of being nuked by #Russia develops into one about porn & cheeseburgers. …

brian said...

The chair of Donetsk Regional Council began preparations for the referendum

The chair of the Donetsk Regional Council Andrey Shishatskiy gathered a working group on holding the referendum on the territory of the region.
As was previously reported, the Regional Council adopted such decision on March 3. The working group already conducted the first meeting.
Holding the referendum on the status of the region is one of the major requirements of mass rallies Russian Spring, which are held across the whole south-east of Ukraine since the beginning of March. Participants of rallies also require giving Russian language the status of the state language, as well as release of the people’s governor Pavel Gubarev.

brian said...

NOTE: On Monday, March 24, at the upper house of Russia’s Duma will hold a ceremony of adding the new flags of the Russian Federation – the Crimea and Sevastopol.

Rep office of the Republic of Crimea set up in Moscow

22.03.2014 08:54 Crimea, HIT, Politic
Republic of Crimea opened a representative office in the capital of Russia, following the decision taken at the meeting of the State Council of the Republic on March 21.
Permanent Commission on Resorts and Tourism at Crimea State Council will supervise implementation of the draft resolution on the Crimea representation office in Moscow.
Head of the State Council Vladimir Konstantinov said that the country has always had a rep office in Moscow, reports the press service.
“In different periods, it either worked successfully or was idling. Then, it was liquidated. Now is the time to restore justice – to restore the Office of the Republic of Crimea,” said Vladimir Konstantinov.
According to the head of the State Council, the Office will have many functions.
“First and foremost, it’s coordination of work with authorities of the Russian Federation,” said Vladimir Konstantinov.
On Monday, March 24, at the upper house of Russia’s Duma will hold a ceremony of adding the new flags of the Russian Federation – the Crimea and Sevastopol.
On Friday, March 21, extraordinary meeting of Federation Council ratified the agreement on Crimea’s secession to Russia and formation of the new subjects within the Russian Federation. Earlier, the State Duma approved the document.

brian said...

Euromaidan massacre: what really happened in Kiev on Feb. 20,

brian said...

Russian military #occupation of #Mariupol. American agents violently chased away! All on #video! March 15, 2014 protest.
now why would anyonehate the US media?
NOTE: it began like this:'It began when the crew members were traveling back to their hotel just outside the city of Mariupol, and they decided to stop to film a small pro-Russian rally,'

but ended up: 'They were swarming, chanting “Russia! Russia!," and as the driver attempted to make his escape, somebody tried to pull two of the crew members out of the van. It crashed into a truck.

"You look around and there were people everywhere," Hoover said.;'

so a small crowd it may have begun, but with the awareness of americans, the crowd swelled, clearly americans are NOT popular in east Ukraine

brian said...

The region of Crimea has decided on a referendum to join the Russian Federation in a vote that was branded illegitimate and undemocratic by the West – even before it took place. But not everybody in Europe agrees and today Sophie talks to somebody who witnessed the Crimean vote firsthand – Austrian MEP Ewald Stadler, an observer on the referendum.
so some members of the 'international community' dissent34548555

brian said...

Fascist Ukrainian Defense Minister's War Orders Defied

The fascist new defense minister of Ukraine ordered to start a war but was disobeyed. He says that is "regrettable."

Not found this in any English language news yet but several German media reports mention this (my translation from FAZ) :

Meanwhile it became clear that the commanders of Ukrainian warships on the Crimea defied orders from the provisional government in Kiev to use their arms. The Ukrainian minister of defense Ihor Tenyukh said on Sunday in Kiev, Russia managed "despite orders to all commanders to use weapons" to take over the ships. "Regrettably" the commanders decided themselves on how to proceed, he said.
Tenyugh is a member of the fascist Svoboda party that took part in the February 21 coup against the legitimate Ukrainian government. His legally dubious order to shoot at Russian troops in a rather hopeless situation could have easily started a larger war.

My deep gratitude to all those Ukrainian commanders who defied the lunatic order to start a hot war with Russia and allowed a peaceful handover of their equipment to Russian forces.

but note what Tenyukh said earlier:
"During the Euromaidan rally in Kiev on January 19, 2014 Tenyukh warned of the dangers posed by the "coup d'etat planned by the current authorities" and called for members of the Armed Forces to defy "illegal" orders from those in power.[5] He was quoted as saying "Tomorrow the regime will enslave you too. Therefore we are calling on you to fulfill your military oath of loyalty to the Ukrainian people, and not to the authorities who have gone off the rails"

also the snipers in crimea at the navy base were to kickstart a casus belli

brian said...

off the edge with Yulia!
Yulia wants to #NUKE Ukraine's 10 million #Russians!

#Tymoshenko: I would have found a way to #kill the #morons.

#Shufrych: And you know...

Tymoshenko: And I hope that as soon as I can do it I will raise all my connections and alert the whole world so as to turn Russia into a burned field.

Shufrych: I tell you that I'm your ally here, and even more than that. I want to tell you... well we've had a talk today, this morning there's been a conference of party leaders and then I talked to #Viktor. Vitya asked what we should do to the rest 8 million Russians still living in #Ukraine? They are the outlaws!

Tymoshenko: Damn, we should fire #nukes at them!

Shufrych: I wouldn't argue with you here, because what's happened is a dreadful thing.

wasnt the idea to keep nukes away from the wrong hands?

brian said...

lots of good news
Anatoly Karlin ‏@akarlin88 44m
Salaries of Crimean policemen to double from $550 to $1,100-$1,250.

guess who has passed on?!
Anatoly Karlin ‏@akarlin88 44m
Armed men burst into cafe; bodyguards didn't help; Muzychko tried to flee, but was shot in leg; finished off by control shot to the heart.

it seems Sashko Billy is no more

Mel Huang ‏@mel_huang 3h
More reports suggesting #Ukraine's Right Sector's Sashko Bilyy has been found dead with bullet wounds to the head: …

Новости политики ‏@gunevonxyr 10h
Сашко Билый с автоматом ворвался на концерт в Ровно: Координатор общественного движения "Правый сектор" на Зап...

brian said...

Anton Dmitriev, staunch supporter of Maidan posted a new article:
He's wrote several articles through this months to alternative Russian press (yes, despite of what you may hear in West, we do have these), but it seems he now starts to understand what pretty much every Russian was writing to every Maidan activist - you only destroying your own law and order. His own brother got beaten by some frenzied "revolutionaries" and he now admits that he hears more and more reports around about people being afraid to go outside when dark in Kiev.

brian said...

Retweeted Nina Byzantina (@NinaByzantina):

"Polite people" from #Crimea have their own promo video. Needs more puppies! | #вежливыелюди трейлер
in fact is is a celebrated victory!

brian said...


Nazis at the road blockages on March 23th, 2014 in Zaporizhia attack people, who have Russian flags.
Watch at 0:20 how the driver is dragged out of the car !

This is the Demoktratie, which funded the federal government in Ukraine and supported by the west ...!

(the time on the car table set wrong)