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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Belgrade calls for a World of Equals


Here's my report for OpEdge on last weekend's meeting of the Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals
To mark the 15th anniversary of the start of the illegal NATO war of aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, over 500 scientists, experts and peace campaigners, myself included, gathered in the capital of Serbia. There, the international conference 'Global Peace vs Global Interventionism and Imperialism', organized by the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals took place March 21-24. The event began Friday evening with the opening of a photographic exhibition in the Sava Center, which displayed the appalling humanitarian, economic and environmental consequences of the 78-day NATO bombardment.

You can read the whole piece here.
While here you can watch a video of me delivering the final document to the Conference and also read the whole document.

UPDATE: You can watch my speech to the Belgrade Forum on how we can defeat the serial warmongering Neo-Con/Fake Left Mafia here, along with other speeches from the conference.


brian said...

Sophia ‏@les_politiques 7h
"neutralizing the Obama-Putin relationship may have been the chief reason why the neocons were so eager to stoke the Ukrainian fires"

'What is the intention of these writers? Ostensibly it is to poison U.S. public sentiment and elite opinion against any attempt by the Obama administration to construct a viable working relationship with Russia. And their efforts have largely succeeded.' yes the neocons write to poison americans minds about russia

brian said...

'Anti-fascists build resistance

In the cities of southern and eastern Ukraine, the leftist Union Borotba (Struggle) is one of the groups organizing anti-fascist resistance.

Borotba’s central office in Kiev was ransacked after the coup and its activists forced underground. Outside Kiev, Borotba and other anti-fascists work in a hazy state of semi-legality, operating more or less openly depending on the level of organized resistance in each city.

This creates special challenges for organizers. For example, print shop owners refuse to print flyers or newspapers due to threats from the fascists. However, Borotba has managed to get help from sympathetic workers to publish its materials.

A 10,000-copy run of “Front,” the first issue of a newspaper published by Borotba and the Antifascist Resistance Center, sold out in just three days.

Borotba activists have set up tents and information tables to spread their message and recruit people to local anti-fascist defense committees composed of activists, workers, youths and former Red Army soldiers.

In Kharkov, where the Right Sector murdered two anti-fascists on March 14, Borotba plays a leading role in organizing mass resistance.

On March 22, some 2,000 people defied a ban and rallied at Freedom Square for a people’s speakout initiated by Borotba. A major goal of the event was to recruit supporters for the local defense organization, People’s Unity.

The following day, hundreds marched down Rymarska Street to remember the two slain activists. They chanted: “Fascists kill! Power covers up!”

Police then charged Borotba leader Denis Levin, a convener of the rally, with violating the ban and ordered him to appear in court on March 26. After a crowd of supporters picketed the court during his hearing, the judge dismissed the charge as “baseless.”

In Odessa, Borotba activists took up the case of Anton Davidchenko, a local resistance leader who was seized by the “Alpha” special police unit on March 17 and kidnapped to Kiev, where he is being held incommunicado.

Some 1,000 people defied fascist threats and rallied at Odessa’s Kulikovo Field on March 23 to demand a referendum on autonomy. Led by Regional Council Deputy and Borotba activist Alex Albu, they marched to the prosecutor’s office to demand Davidchenko’s release and an end to the regime’s political repression.'

brian said...

The Voice of Russia
23 hrs ·
Moscow says it has evidence that suggests Ukraine's ultra-right militia organization, the Right Sector, could have been behind the deadly sniper shootings in Kiev's Independence Square, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.
Read more:

Ian said...

Fair play to you Neil.

Whilst I don't wholeheartedly agree with you on many points it is good to see you actually doing something about them.

Hope you managed to have a nice time in Belgrade around the conference.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Brian, yes I agree, the neocons were determined to sabotage any attempts to build a good working relationship with Russia. They've been the ones pushing this anti-Russian agenda.
Hi Ian- many thanks- that's appreciated.

brian said...

russia is now very popular: people flee to there not from there
Retweeted Nina Byzantina (@NinaByzantina):

~5K Ukrainian citizens seek residence in #Russia daily/5000 украинцев обращаются в ФМС каждый день #Ukraine #Украина

brian said...

Anatoly Karlin ‏@akarlin88 1h
Between 2006 and today, percentage of Russians saying participation in G8 is "very important" fell from 40% to 13%. …