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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crimea- another artifically created crisis

Well, we had the Kosovo 'crisis',  the Iraqi WMD 'crisis', the Iran nukes 'crisis'- and now it's time for the Crimea 'crisis'. Here's my new OpEdge piece for on another artificially created crisis.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that the Ukraine/Crimea crisis has been "created artificially for purely geopolitical reasons." And he’s right.

It's important to understand that this is not a "one-off" but only the latest in a long line of international "crises" either deliberately hyped up or artificially created by the western powers to further their geopolitical interests.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that Crimea is the "the biggest crisis in Europe in the 21st century." But it‘s not the first time leading western politicians have talked in such alarmist terms in recent years.

You can read the whole piece here.


Karel Donk said...

Excellent article. The recent issues in Venezuela are also artificially created. Check:

brian said...

the corpses of the Maidan dead are barely cold and already the likley villain is to decide how they were killed
Rory Yeomans ‏@roryyeomans 5h
#AndrijParubiy to lead #Kiev "sniper" investigation. If you know who he is, you'll understand why this is a bad sign:

Shots that killed both civilians and police officers were fired from the Philharmonic Hall building in Ukraine’s capital, former head of the Security Service of Ukraine Aleksandr Yakimenko told Russia 1 channel. The building was under full control of the opposition and particularly the so-called Commandant of Maidan self-defense Andrey Parubiy who after the coup was appointed as the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Yakimenko added.

Furthermore the former security chief believes that Parubiy has been in contact with US Special Forces that could have coordinated the assault.

“Shots came from the Philharmonic Hall. Maidan Commandant Parubiy was responsible for this building. Snipers and people with automatic weapons were ‘working’ from this building on February 20. They supported the assault on the Interior Ministry forces on the ground who were already demoralized and have, in fact, fled,” Yakimenko said in an interview with Russian television.

The police officers were chased by a group of rioters armed with various we

brian said...

NOTE Crimean referendum website was down on Sunday. Previously, organisers said the site underwent a DDoS hacker attack originating in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne in the United States.
Alec Luhn in Moscow says that Russian state television is reporting a huge turnout for Crimean referendum and “no armed men” at the polling stations.

State news agency Interfax is quoting observer Enrique Ravello, a well-known nationalist deputy in Spain’s parliament, as saying he’s seen an “unprecedented turnout” in Crimea. “There’s no coercion, pressure on people. The referendum is being held peacefully, freely and openly.”

According to polling by German research group GfK, 70% of Crimeans who want to participate in the referendum plan to vote to join Russia, while only 11% plan to vote to remain part of Ukraine.

The Crimean referendum website was down on Sunday. Previously, organisers said the site underwent a DDoS hacker attack originating in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne in the United States.

St. Petersburg has closed down its main street for an automobile rally in support of the Crimean referendum organized by conservative parties.
Yesterday, Moscow saw huge competing rallies for and against Russian intervention in Ukraine. At least 10,000 people took part in an anti-intervention, anti-Putin rally, at the end of which was read a resolution calling for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Crimea and the end of Russian interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

brian said...

Terre ‏@terbleu 44m
Osmaev (the correct name) could not be extradited from Ukraine to Russia because of interference of the European human rights court.
(why dud EHR interfere?)
Terre ‏@terbleu 46m
..Osmanov (he is Chechen) is a suspect in the case of an assassination attempt against Putin. Osmanov was arrested in 2012 in Ukraine.

Terre ‏@terbleu 50m
Amina Okueva, recognized by an Ukrainian journalist as one of his torturers on Maidan in Kiev, happens to be a wife of Adam Osmanov...
Terre @terbleu 33m
In the ID of a Russian "spy" caught by the Ukrainian SBU his rank is simply stated as... "a spy" LOL

Terre @terbleu 36m
A Russian "spy" caught by the Ukrainian security service, SBU, has entire Russian Internet laughing out loud: :)))

brian said...

Putin’s 2-move checkmate in Crimea!
BY MARCUS BROOKS on MARCH 16, 2014 • ( 3 )

By Marcus Brooks

According to an article published in Putin has brilliantly out smarted the US and Europeans in a couple of days and has earned Russia more than 20 billion dollars and has also managed to get an extra 30% stake within the lucrative Russian energy sector.

20140117_hus_0This is a story that the three monkeys at the BBC, CNN and Fox News will never tell you folks.

Yes Sir! Putin has financially screwed EU and America. In the eyes of the entire world he played this geo-political game without a hitch.

You see, some shares of Russian energy companies up until recently used to be owned by foreign investors predominantly Americans and Europeans, that’s before Putin gave the order to buy shares of these companies at their lowest. So in layman terms this now means that almost half of the revenues from the oil and gas industry will go into the coffers of Russia, and not into the accounts of “financial sharks” of Europe.

The story begins

This story starts with the current situation in Crimea, when the ruble started to fall sharply, and the Russian central bank did absolutely nothing to support it, of course rumours started that Russia simply did not have a reserve currency to maintain the ruble. These rumours along with Putin’s statement that he was ready and would protect the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine led to a large drop in the share price of energy companies in Russia, as expected the “financial sharks” began to sell their shares. And sure enough the great strategist Putin waited all week and just smiled at the various press conferences (trying not to give away his plan I bet) and when the price fell below the plinth he then ordered his officials into buying shares at rock bottom prices. Of course by the time the European and American investors realised that they had been duped it was too late, the stocks were already in the hands of the Russians. This brilliant operation has to be the first in stock market history PUTIN BRAVO!


So I reckon the euro will fall by 30% and the price of petrol and diesel will rise, and you can bet that the City of London will not support sanctions against Russia, because if they do, our European economies will feel the full brunt of the angry Russian bear! I don’t suppose the Yanks will bail out the E.U?

brian said...

Did Vicki (Fuck the EU) Nuland help make the sniper attacks happen in Kiev? 'One of the most interesting takeaways of the Ukraine crisis was the report that Victoria Nuland had threatened sanctions against the Western interests of key Ukrainian oligarchs if violence was used against protesters…which erupted with suspicious alacrity. Since the various oligarchs controlled dozens of deputies in the Ukrainian parliament, Yanukovych’s Party of Regions imploded and the rest is regime change history.'

brian said...

How can you characterize this (crimean)referendum, and can it be called legitimate?
In political affairs, one has to conclude that legitimacy is in the eye of the beholder. When Croatia and Slovenia held their referendums to succeed from Yugoslavia in the summer of 1991, Western countries hastily recognized that as a legitimate exercise of their democratic right, and by the end of the year, they were also recognized as independent states.
When Bosnia-Herzegovina had a referendum in February of 1992, it was in clear violation of the then valid constitution of the republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, which postulated that two of the three constituent nations should never outvote the third. In fact, each of the constituent nations effectively had the right to veto.
That was disregarded, and the United States promptly recognized Bosnia-Herzegovina in April of ’92, ushering in the war. When Kosovo was detached from Serbia by NATO in 1999, and later on, when it proclaimed unilateral declaration on independence in February of 2008, again, the United States and its NATO allies in Western Europe did not have any problems whatsoever to accept that decision as legitimate and to recognize Kosovo in the name, of course, of self-determination.
Read more:

brian said...

useful info form Kiev:

Is anyone really in control in Ukraine?
[Monday update:

More tweets from our deep throat at Kiev Airport:
The military and the border police continue to confiscate equipment that is being sent for the failed National Guard.

All cargo planes are inspected by the army. From what I can tell, they are of the same opinion as the Air Force.

The military command of Ukraine will make a decision in the next few days and communicate it to Russia, and their government, in that order.

70% percent of soldiers in Crimea have already communicated officially that they are transferring to the Russian army.

The EU, the USA and their blasted mother don't recognize the referendum, yet in Kiev most people accept it and care little or nothing about it.

It's incredible that [the referendum] is more accepted here than in the rest of the world. Why don't they leave these people alone, may I ask?

Military neighbors, friends, colleagues, consider [the referendum] legit and understand it and accept it. The world that gives opinions about these people, doesn't. Strange.]

brian said...

José Miguel Sardo ‏@jmsardo 6m
#Ukraine: Vladimir Putin validates Crimea's annexation to Russia before speech at Duma at 12h00CET.

brian said...

Residents of Western Ukraine ask for political asylum in Russia

Governor of Tyumen Region Vladimir Yakushev received a letter after reading of which his hair stand on ends: "People come to us with guns and bury in the garbage." People seek asylum. What they tell is hard to believe - it seems that the world is back to Nazi atrocities.

"....Our family is threatened constantly, after the raid of "Black Hundreds" we are forced to hide by friends avoiding death. We were twice robbed, beaten, under guns they "bought" our car, constant threats by telephone. They dont come at the day, they come at night and with guns. About such like us nobody writes in the news even after death as well as about buried in garbage.

Unconstitutional coup of fascist thugs led to the complete capture of power, government departments, law enforcement agencies and the complete loss of any control of them by the authority. Rovno entrepreneurs have to pay scot and lot to Alexander Muzychko ( Sashko Bilyi).

New powers who call themselves "elected by people" by hands of militants, people's self-defense and Right Sector lynch of all Russian-speaking and dissidents. Looting going on. "Black Hundreds" collect data and make lists in order to begin their systematic harassment, destroying property, beating and humiliating those who do not support the fascist regime and do not proclaims Bandera slogans..."

At a meeting of the government of the Tyumen region was decided that the family from Rovno, who asked for political asylum in Tyumen, will be relocated under the program "Соотечественники/=Compatriots".

brian said...

“ The KP” printed a letter from a reserve officer from Donetsk to the military analyst of "KP" Victor Barantsov

"At nights there arrests in Donetsk. What our law enforcers do – they come to civilian protesters and provoke them with words, shouting slogans, etc., while the provoked people answering, they secretly photograph them and 1-2 days later the person receives a paper from the the police department, allegedly for questioning as a witness, but once they get there, they become accused in incitement and participation in mass riots, swing on State Building and integrity of Ukraine ....

Now the new government brought about a battalion of tanks T-72 and I saw paratroopers on airborne combat vehicles, where they are deployed i do not know, I heard that they should be located along the border, but such a small force may only be used for the suppression of dissent in the area, otherwise they are just idiots ...

Mass rallies held at the weekends - people work other days. Oligarchs support illegitimate power in Kiev. Expected the start of property redistribution between Taruta and Akhmetov - the second pinched so strongly the first that he ran abroad (there were rumors that he was in Poland - information has not been verified). We have nothing good.

Business freezing, services and trade too, except sells of medicine and products... Problems with products from Kyiv and Lviv - nobody wants to send to the east, they fear we would not pay them, here others are afraid that they will pay but goods would not be sent.


Some more, one of my friends called me, he was invited to join the Right Sector - 500 $ a month and additional money for each injured or killed - up to 1 thousand $, depending on the murdered rank - a simple citizen, activist, leader.. They press their invitations openly – they are not afraid of anybody..."

Ian said...

"And there is no Russian “invasion” of Ukraine."

But there are an awful lot of Russian soldiers surrounding all the Ukrainian military installations.

I'm surprised you so readily sell yourself short, calling out western hypocrisy is one thing, but cheer-leading for military led annexation is another.

Wilful ignorance doesn't do you any favours Neil.

brian said...

what military annexation Ian?
and what russian forces...what you see on the street are PRO-russians...aka crimeans as even the media admits.

As for the media use of 'annexation' what we have is reunification carried out in a legal manner.

'Annexation' is a word used to suggests a brutl military strong arming...something the JUS has done around the world as did the former empire of UK

Hawaii was annexed...crimea has not

Anonymous said...

Blind leading the blind

brian said...

dodgy ian:
'Ian said...
"And there is no Russian “invasion” of Ukraine."

But there are an awful lot of Russian soldiers surrounding all the Ukrainian military installations.

I'm surprised you so readily sell yourself short, calling out western hypocrisy is one thing, but cheer-leading for military led annexation is another.


even the media calls the 'polite men 'pro-russian'
Annexation = violent taking of a state for incorporation...the only violence has been in Ukraine such as KIEV. Very happy Crimeans voted to rejoin and cheered/celebrated their reentry...

try not to lie Ian..its embarrassing

Willful ignorance..= IAN