Monday, November 10, 2008

Wally of the Week: 'Philip Cross'

What do you call someone who spends hours and hours maliciously editing the wikipedia page of a journalist he doesn’t like (including at Christmas) and then sends the journalist in question six aggressive, abusive emails in a short period of time on one Saturday afternoon and then twelve the following night?

Well he goes by the moniker of ‘philip cross’ and he doesn’t like me very much at all (although he does seem to like a certain former hedge fund manager called Oliver Kamm very much).

'Philip' is also a very big fan of Henry Jacksonsite MP Denis McShane as you can see from his editing of McShane's wikipedia page. He's even edited the page of McShane's former wife, the late Carol Barnes. In fact so incensed was 'Philip' when I referred to McShane by his original name 'Denis Matyjaszek' that he darted over to my wikipedia page to insert the maiden name of my wife, failing to see the difference between a woman who takes her husband's surname on marriage, with a careerist politician who hypocritically berates the British for not being 'pro-European' enough, while changing his original Polish surname.

You can read some of 'philip cross’ contributions in the comments section of this thread: the idea that neocon columnists might become rarer in newspapers in the year ahead due to readers having had enough of reading their lies, really seemed to inflame him.

'philip cross' didn’t much like being called a ’sad little idiot’ and a ’sad little fxxxxx’ by other commenters so he took out his frustration by returning to my wikipedia page last night to make another edit. (strange how some people get their kicks, isn't it?)

That’s despite having already been warned by a senior wikipedia editor to stay clear of my page.

Actually, 'wally' is far too polite a term for ‘philip cross‘. ‘Pathological obsessive’ is far more accurate. Despite the warnings he's received 'philip' simply can't leave me alone. But as you’ll see from his other edits- this particular pathological obsessive is- however cranky he appears - following a very clear political agenda.

You can read more on philip cross' extraordinary obsessions here and here.


Anonymous said...

Philip Cross said... (on the other page but today)
"For the record, I have also posted the following on your articles talk page:

"Yes Clark, last night I momentarily wanted to do away with myself, and use your 'socialism with a disfigured face' as my motivation. I'm alright now though, and do not feel suicidal.

"Clearly it is you who are being exposed more than I am. No matter how unhinged I come over as being, you respond in your typical way. I might feel the same way again, which might ultimately show how shallow your 'socialism' is, though I hardly need to use myself as a guinea pig to demonstrate that! I was of cause mocking your politics in the second posting last night, and it does not represent my views."

Nice to know Wikipedia aren't too fussed who edits for them. Certainly instils confidence in me, don't know about the rest of you.
Wally? He's certifiable FFS!

Anonymous said...

I have a goal to become important enough to have a pathological obsessive being told to stay away from my Wikipedia page...

Actually, at this point, I would settle for being important enough to have a Wikipedia page...

Anonymous said...

Funny old world, innit? I wondered about your reference to Cross on the last Serbia thread - I hadn't looked back at the Obama thread. There seems to be a lot of this on wikipedia. I came across an interesting controversy, about a security services agent called 'slim virgin' who is one of wiki's senior editors, which illuminated some of the problems with this project. There also seems to be strong evidence for concerted zionist covert involvement in wiki. Personally, I wouldn't trust wiki on anything of a historical or political nature. It's very troubling that wiki is becoming, for many, the first port of call for information about the world.

Neil Clark said...

hi jock- 'slim virgin' aka Linda Mack was heavily involved in trashing my wikipedia page too.
take a read of this:

Anonymous said...

Now you come to mention it, I think it was you who first brought slim virgin to my attention, but I've noticed references to her all over the place. I rarely look at Wikipedia myself.

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for him as wally of the week, the competition for this post should be between amatures, a wally-by-nature idiot shouldn't run for it.

Cross deserves to be presented with slap of the week. kick-ass of the week or may be F***** of the week title.

John S said...

What kind of fool uses Wikipedia as his own personal sockpuppet? He seems to be an impossible bore.