Monday, November 03, 2008

Janet Daley: Winner of the Silliest Anti-Obama Article of the Year Award

Not content with writing the most repulsive anti-Obama smear piece back in the summer, when she penned the lines:

"His problem is not so much that he is an African-American in the modern political sense of being a black American. It is that he is an African-American in the literal sense of being half African and only half American."

the Daily Telegraph's uber neocon columnist has now submitted an article so silly it even makes 'Mad' Mel Phillips' offerings on Obama look relatively sane (and that is saying a hell of a lot).

Daley has spent the entire year throwing all the usual neocon insults at Obama- ie he's soft on 'terror', he's a luxury the 'free world' cannot afford etc etc; now she's turning her attention to the damage Comrade Barack would do the US economy with his terrible plans to 'spread the wealth'.

"There is another facet of Obama taxation with even more serious consequences for the US. In order to pay for his tax cut for 95 per cent of the population (half of whom do not pay income tax and whose "cut" would be in the form of a cash rebate), President Obama and his Democratic Congress would raise the US rate of corporation tax - already the second highest in the world - from 15 to 20 per cent. They also plan to punish through taxation companies that employ people overseas rather than "creating American jobs".

Wow, how revolutionary! How Marxist! Raising corporation tax to 20%! Using the taxation system to encouraging firms to employ people in America and not in Indonesian sweat shops! What a catastrophe that would be for ordinary American people!

As to what will happen in tomorrow's election, Daley predicts:

For what it is worth, I think it will be a close presidential race with the favourite, Obama, winning by a squeak

It's rather different to what she was predicting earlier this year:

Obama will not win the presidency: America will have been made to feel sufficiently good about itself simply by his nomination and the way it responds to him as a candidate not to feel the need to put him in the White House.
The popular, if not the electoral college, vote will be close but America will decide that in such dangerous times, it must choose the wise older leader, the war hero, the statesman who talks about foreign policy and national security with real authority.

Then again, predictions are not really Ms Daley's strong point.

This is after all the same journalist who labelled the moral case against the Iraq war to be "at best naive, at worst idiotic" and who believed (please, no sniggering at the back), the existence of WMDs to have been established by Blair's dossier.

Now, having told us emphatically that 'Obama will not win the Presidency', Daley thinks he'll win 'by a squeak'.

You know what that means, folks.

Get down your local bookies and put a bet on an Obama landslide.

NEWS FLASH: Janet Daley's Daily Telegraph colleague Simon Heffer has made a last-gasp attempt to grab the 'Silliest Anti-Obama article of the Year Award' with this ridiculous offering.
Heffer writes:
He has been branded a socialist by Sarah Palin and, because it was Sarah Palin doing the branding, the term was ridiculed by media here who are almost clinically biased against the Republicans. However, when one examines Mr Obama's rhetoric about "spreading the wealth", and looks at spending promises made in the past 21 months, socialism is a fair term. He plans, or at least has promised, expensive projects - such as healthcare reforms.

As questionnaire says in the comments to this post, it really doesn't take much to be labelled a 'Marxist' these days. Or a 'socialist' either, as far as Daley & Heffer are concerned.


Anonymous said...

Don't know why Janet Daley's so upset, it's reported that Obama is going to take Emanual Rahm to the White House. No wonder Dennis Ross is happy to report Obama's Pro Israel credentials. Seems Obama is more or less in AIPAC's bag.

Anonymous said...

Melanie Phillips is a zionist. Her hatred of Obama is that he does not seem sufficiently slavish to zionism.


David Lindsay said...

When Obama wins, how much longer, purely objectively, can AIPAC be expected to last? It will stand exposed as being of no real consequence whatever, as if the failure of Clinton to win the Democratic nomination had not so exposed it already.

That, at least, would account for the, frankly, hilarious hysteria of Melanie Phillips and Janet Daley. And I for one cannot think of anything else that could.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how little you have to do to be a Marxist these days.

- questionnaire

Anonymous said...

I don't understand david Lyndsey's claim that AIPAC has cooked it's goose under Obama. Has he missed the big Lobby names giving Obama, their blessing. Dennis Ross sound familiar? or what about Edgar Bonfman of World jewish Congress?
These people don't give an ok to anyone serious about looking at the middle east anew, or anti Israel Lobby. Obama probably is, or should I be more accurate and say, hopefully, is better than McCain but if you really think he's going to make big changes to middle east policy then you'll probably be disappointed. I know Obama's people claimed he only did what he had to do when it came to making friends with the Lobby, but what else will he have to do here on?
Apart from a few die hard Likudniks, Israeli establishment and their cohorts in America now wants to give up most of the settlements and withdraw from the OT's hence the anti settler articles in the Israel press. The Sharon plan is still policy, so if they later try to market this as new fairer American foreign policy under obama or anyone else, it's just that. Marketing.
Only if public pressure is kept up on the neocons and their lobby, is it likely a president Obama will make any headway.

hewyxx said...

RE.Janet Dalet's 'BBC's failure to understand the Boston Tea Movements objection to Obama's health care reform on 'constitutional grounds'.

Janet Daley fails to understand that the British people – a small few right wing (mainly female over 60’s who read Janet Daley with credulity) excepted - do realise that most Americans are forced to take out medical insurance. (En passant, it should be mentioned that all Americans who wish to own a Rolls Royce car or a yacht or a personal aircraft are forced to pay for it). That’s ‘Freedom U.S.’ for you. Obama seeks to make healthcare available to all. Most British people and the BBC rightly know that big money/business stands in his way for purely self - interest reasons in the great self-assumed beacon nation of Christianity itself

It actually doesn’t matter to Britain. From a social justice perspective, provision of succour to the needy is a morally compelled duty of all, i.e. society, i.e. government. I appreciate that Janet doesn’t ‘do’ social justice . But it is a noble social democratic belief applicable and cherished in Britain (for now, at least). The British are not, as a people, selfish or insoucient. Au contraire, the British people are manifestly generous and compassionate as evinced by public contributions to charities and hugely evinced by Big Issue sales on the streets. It’s real. It’s a disgrace that the richest country in the world fails to provide necessary medical care to all its citizens. Obama nobly seeks to secure medical care to all U.S citizens including the poor and socially marginalized, excluded and deprived (a disproporionately large number of blacks it's true but numericlly more whites than blacks)in a country where greed and selfishness is the moral code. The great beacon of Christianity itself. God help Jesus if he lands in U.S on his second coming. He sure won’t last long.

Janet the Yank is no great moral guide to Britain. Her ‘quality’ expositions are condescending, patronizing and babyish.The British people, en masse, are not stupid and easily conned by pseudo intellectual 'quality thinkers' writing for 'quality' newspapers. True, Britain is gradually getting more and more trashy U.S style but not for much longer. Janet had better get swimming or… as indeed should the so-called British quality newspapers.

Janet the rottweiler is a cringing, fawning poodle. The U.S BTM need her

Anonymous said...

I still treasure the article where Janet Daley so confidently predicted Obama's defeat. She is so wrong too when commenting on the British way of life.

GeorgeS said...

Just seen Janet Daley on "Dateline London", BBC World. What a hateful person! 4 or 5 times likening the current European Commission to to "Fascism"!!! From JD, how ironic!

FFS! UK Euro-bashing has gone so OTT now that even their fans are not convinced any more (e.g. Gavin Hewitt's latest rant overrun by pro-Euro comments, despite him deleting a lot of their posts - including mine)

hewyxx said...

Janet is having us all on.