Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Premiership suddenly becomes interesting

Well, can anyone remember a weekend when not only did none of the Big Four win, but none of them even scored a goal? I certainly can't.

Long-standing readers will know my views on the Premiership, and how top flight football has become mind-numbingly predictable since its introduction. But the2008-9 season is shaping up to be rather interesting. We've had the incredible rise of Hull City (whose manager Phil Brown is pictured above) and the surprisingly good showing of Stoke City. The demise of Arsenal. The fall- and rise- of Tottenham. Robinho working his magic at Man City. And a league table where only a handful of points separate half the division.

Of course, its odds on that 'normal service' will soon be resumed. But in the meantime lets enjoy the unpredictability while it lasts!


olching said...

Well my hope is that Arsenal drop out of the top four (though ironically they are the only team from the top four not to go on massive spending sprees, but does anyone really like their players? Van Persie, Gallas, Adebayor, Eboue etc etc).

What is really fascinating is the relegation issue; I cannot put my finger on it at all.

The other good aspect of this year's Premiership is the decline of 'spin-managers' like Steve McLaren, Carlos Quieroz, and the rise of old school managers like Tony Mowbray, Roy Hodgson, and Joe Kinnear.

RobW said...

Oh I don't think it's that predictable. My feeling is that Villa are on the rise. They've got some great players and the best manager in the league.

Neil Clark said...

olching- i agree with you re the Arsenal players. And I think Wenger did himself no favours by saying that yesterday's 3-0 scoreline 'flattered' Man City.
Agreed about the decline of 'spin-managers'. That's been good to see.

TBRrob: I agree with you about Villa. Let's hope they can hold on to Barry and their other top players in January. If they do they should go very close to breaking into the top four.