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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Isn't Privatisation wonderful!

After this latest fiasco is there anyone (apart from the loonies at the Adam Smith Institute), still willing to argue that the increased involvement of the private sector in the business of government has led to greater efficiency?

As I wrote in the First Post back in August, after the latest loss of confidential data by a private contractor:

It is logical to assume that the more outside agencies that handle government data, the greater the likelihood of it getting lost. But logic, it seems, goes out of the window where Britain's political elite and their blind attachment to neo-liberal dogma is concerned.

If like me, you feel that 'enough is enough' and that it's time to call a halt to Britain's disastrous twenty-nine year obsession with privatisation, then there's a newly formed pressure group just for you.


Roland Hulme said...

You got me, Neil. I can't come up with an argument this time. I saw this in the paper and in the back of my head, as I read the article, I kept repeating:

Please don't be a private contractor, please don't be a private contractor, please don't be a private contractor....

Neil Clark will NEVER let this lie if it is...

Anonymous said...

of course privatisation is central to all the "lost data," that's why you'll only get minimal coverage and no in-depth reports. How much of the Home Office is now run by the private sector? How many private companies have been named in any report or even, the same report in the media covering lost data?
Privatisation is expensive, incompetant, unsecure, and it's totally corrupting/corruptable. They just made every citizen a commodity. What's left to sell ?