Monday, November 05, 2007

2007 Weblog Awards latest: Up to fourth place

Well, we're firmly established in fourth place now, polling over 12% of the votes and with the third-placed pro-war blogger Iain Dale in our sights. If everyone who has so kindly voted for this blog over the last 24 hours does so again tomorrow and on Wednesday and Thursday, we have every chance of overhauling the leader. Once again, many thanks to all who have taken the trouble to vote, your support is hugely appreciated. You can vote here.

UPDATE: 21:40. Pro-war blogger Iain Dale, clearly perturbed by the sight of us advancing in his wing mirror, has republished his original post about the awards, which has resulted in a brief surge in his share of the vote. Let's keep up the pressure on him, so please keep on voting!

UPDATE: 9.00 Tuesday. It's been a great night, with our share of the vote up to over 14%. We're now just 140 votes behind the leader. Please keep the votes coming in, we can win this one!

UPDATE: 17.00 GMT Tuesday. We're now up to 15% of the vote and are now just 100 votes behind the leader. Please keep voting!

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