Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weblog Awards Update: Keep the votes rolling in!

Many, many thanks to all who have taken the time to vote for this blog in the Weblog Awards. We've now passed the 100 vote mark and are closing in on fifth placed Guy Fawkes. If everyone who has voted for this blog in the last 24 hours or so, does so again, every day until Thursday, we've got a great chance of winning: no other nominee has gained so many votes in the last day.
So, please, please, keep the votes rolling in!

UPDATE: It's been a great few hours, and we're now just 18 votes behind fifth-placed Guy Fawkes, with our share of the vote up to nearly 10%. If we keep this progress up, we can win it! Please keep on voting!

UPDATE: 13.30 Monday. We've just passed Guy Fawkes (sorry to do that to you on your day of the year Guy!) and moved into fifth place, just five votes behind the fourth-placed Devil's Kitchen. Many thanks again to all who have voted for this blog, if we keep this up, we'll get there by Thursday.

UPDATE: 15.15 Monday. We've just moved into fourth place, overtaking Devil's Kitchen, and are closing in on Iain Dale.

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