Monday, January 30, 2006

What Sort of Country Murders Nine-Year Old Children?

What sort of country could fire bullets into- and blow up the stomach of a little nine-year-old girl? Perhaps
Oliver Kamm and Stephen Pollard could tell us- for they were in that country last week.,,1697825,00.html


Miguel said...
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djoshi said...

Hamas parades have included children wearing suicide belts under the banner "The Children of Today are the Holy Martyrs of Tomorrow" - which backs up the point "netherpetals" makes.

Also, what was the point of your mentioning Kamm and Pollard (yet again)? "..for they were in [Israel] last week" - well, so what?

Are you suggesting that they were in on it ? Or they should be held responsible for it? Or that no Israeli soldier with such a terrible decision to make would shoot unless he first checked with them?