Monday, January 02, 2006

Let's honour Poirot- not Paddy

I'm not one for Honours Lists- but if we are going to hand out knighthoods lets give them to people who really are outstanding in their fields.
Like the brilliant David Suchet, an actor whose performances range from excellent to out of this world.
Or comedy writer Jimmy Perry-who has given us such comedy gems as Dad's Army and It Aint Half Hot Mum.
And what about the incomparable Richard Briers?
I think all three people mentioned above have contributed rather more to the happiness of mankind than Lord Paddy Pantsdown- the former Imperial High Consul 0f the Puppet Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina- who has received yet another ill-deserved honour.


Anonymous said...

What about Sir Eric Sykes ?

Anonymous said...

Suchet and Perry both have OBEs and Richard Briers a CBE, so they haven't exactly gone unrecognised. Suchet and Briers both received their honours in recent years (2002 and 2003 respectively), while Perry's was in 1978, the year after Dad's Army finished broadcasting.

Unless you're seriously trying to argue that Hi-De-Hi!, You Rang M'Lord? and Oh, Doctor Beeching! pushed the quality of Perry's output onto a whole new plane of hitherto uncharted excellence, I'm not entirely sure what your point is - especially as none of these people have effectively been responsible for running an entire country, as Ashdown has.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Perry had nothing to do with Oh Dr Beeching.

Anonymous said...

You are entirely correct, and I am happy to concede that Jimmy Perry was not involved with Oh Doctor Beeching!.

And my happiness has been doubled, since when looking up Perry's CV to check, I was delighted to find that I could add the names of post-1978 comedy masterworks Room Service and High Street Blues to my original post - all of which serves to strengthen my original point.

So thanks for that - I'd never have done it without your invaluable assistance.