Friday, January 20, 2006

We're Off to See the Emperor

In the Times, a certain neo-conservative writer and apologist for Shock and Awe- praises David Cameron for sending Messrs Fox, Hague and Osborne to Washington to 'mend fences' with President Bush. It shows Cameron is not 'cynical' our war-loving scribe claims. Does it really?
Sending members of his front-bench team to pay homage at the court of the most powerful Empire the world has ever seen is about as cynical (and cowardly) as you can get.
What really would be uncynical - and courageous- would be for Cameron to reverse his party's support for the illegal war in Iraq and to sever our ridiculously obsequious 'special relationship' with the US. If he did so, he would of course face the wrath of Messrs Pollard, Aaronovitch, Kamm, Cohen, Murray(D), Gove, Anderson, Steyn, Phillips and all the other journalistic inhabitants of Planet Neo-Con, who though very unrepresentative of public opinion, nevertheless have a mighty loud voice in this country's media. But against that, Cameron would be carrying out the wishes of a majority of his party's members and the country. What could be more democratic? Nothing really, and that's the reason why it's not going to happen.

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