Sunday, January 22, 2006

MPs- do we need them?

For a long time I've argued that the real divide in Britain is not between Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems- but between the political elite and the rest of us. Leaving aside for one minute the question of inclination-how many people reading this would have either (a) the time; or (b) the money - to 'do a Mark Oaten'- and indulge in a six month relationship with a prostitute who charged £80 an hour?
The big scandal in all this is not only Oaten's depravity and dishonesty- but how on earth did he get the time and money? The answer of course is simple- he's an MP. Next time MPs have the nerve to vote themselves more money- or to reduce their hours of work still further- just think of Oaten. Or if you prefer, of George Galloway, whose idea of 'representing' his constituents is doing cat impressions on national television.

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