Friday, October 21, 2005

Three Cheers for Joan Rivers!

You’ve got to give it those sassy American dames. For years in Britain we have put up with the self-obsessed dronings of ‘commentator’ Darcus Howe, self-appointed spokesman for Britain’s Caribbean community. A man who, as the Guardian’s Rupert Smith correctly points out in his tv column today, is happy to dish out criticism, but can’t take any himself. Smith writes that last night’s More4 documentary 'Darcus Howe: Sone of Mine’, was ’an extreme exercise in exhibitionism even by Howe’s standards’. Smith says the film showed Howe as ‘arrogant, self-deluded, sentimental and blinkered’. Meant to be a ‘dialogue’ between father and recalcitrant son, Smith failed to spot a ‘single word’ from the younger generation. I am not surprised. I once had the misfortune of spending 15 minutes with Howe, at a New Statesman party . The man simply doesn’t do ‘dialogue’- only monologues and, when he is finished, looks around for someone else to inflict his egocentric babble on. The fact that Howe has been able to get away with it for so long- tells us that in Britain, racism is sadly still a problem. For if we were truly colour blind as a society- we wouldn’t be reliant on a septugenarian American comedienne to tell such a self-obsessed bore where to get off.


Anonymous said...

Rather unfair on Darcus Howe.

He may be a bore, and his little jibe at Joan Rivers may have been erroneous, but it was pretty mild. Her hectoring hysteria was embarrasing and her personal insults of Darcus unjustified.

He has never claimed to be spokesperson for the Afro-Carobbean community, he is one voice among many (if you care to do a little research.)

And if you think he's annoying and boring there is always the off button.

His documentary about his son was not self obsessed, unless you regard any other documentary about family relationships (there have been many) as self obsession.

Gavin Ayling said...

Colour-blind does not appear to be the goal of those who advocate positive discrimination...

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, three cheers for the person who behaves in the following manner:,2933,47158,00.html

What a heroine!

(Is Darcus must really be boring to leave you cheering an old bag of bones like this!)

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Howe basically makes a living out of calling people racist, and then gets surprised when someone calls him on it.. All of his TV shows are self-obsessed rubbish as well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to intoduce accuracy to this debate but Darcus did not accuse Joan Rivers of being a racist. His comment was a small, pretty mild jibe, the stuff of which can be heard on discussion programmes the world over.

Joan Rivers simply lost her cool and acted horribly precious as well as resorting to personal insult. Its quite odd that Neil Clark can celebrate such over the top, silly behaviour.

smileawhile said...

We don't want to be color blind, we want to see and appreciate the beautiful diverse colors that we are. See me for being black, appreciate me for being black and allow me to love myself as a black woman as I love and appreciate you for not being black.