Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Neo-Conservative Gazette, 2nd September 1939

I found some copies of the 'Neo-Conservative Gazette' for September 1939 in the attic. Here's what their leading commentators then made of the German invasion of Poland......

2nd September 1939
David Aaronovitch

There are those who say that Germany should have acted within the framework of ‘international law’ and worked with the League of Nations to solve the problem of Danzig and the Polish Corridor. But I say well done Adolf ! The human rights of the German minorities in Poland are far more important than the niceties of international treaties. By ignoring ‘national sovereignty’ fetishists like the Conservative M.P. Winston Churchill and the pacifist lefties of the New Statesman and The Manchester Guardian, Adolf has shown himself to be a true neo-conservative. In fact, one could say the German Chancellor is the Father of All Neo-Cons. He's a man who puts human rights and regime change first, and silly little things like national borders last. Here’s to the Thousand Year Reich! And bring on the Low Countries!

2nd September 1939, by Stephen Pollard

I am a warmonger. I am bloodthirsty. I am rabid. My friends want only peace and harmony, but I want to wreak destruction and killing. That’s why I am so in favour of Adolf Hitler and his ‘go get ‘em‘ foreign policy. OK, Adolf still hasn’t introduced a flat rate tax or introduced education vouchers, but no-one’s perfect. I have just written a new paper for one of the sixty-seven Think Tanks of which I am an Associate Fellow-on how privatising health care in Germany could free up even more money for Adolf’s rearmament programme and thereby bring regime change to even more of the poor repressed peoples of Eastern Europe. Copies of my biography on Sir William Joynson-Hicks are still available at £1 5/2d

2nd September 1939
Best of the Blogs: Harry’s Place webblog

We at Harry's Place rejoice that the Germany's humanitarian intervention to liberate the people of Poland has begun. But the big question of the hour will not go away. Where did Winston Churchill get the money from to own a string of racehorses and chain-smoke Havana cigars? The documents found by German journalists in the Ministry of the Interior Building in Prague last October- and published first in the Neo-Conservative Gazette, clearly show that Churchill's wife Clementine received a total of £1m from the Czech Government in the form of licences to ship Slovakian grain. It’s time for Winston to come clean and admit that his so-called principled opposition to Germany’s humanitarian foreign policy was based on pure financial greed. 'Gorgeous' Winnie must go to Berlin immediately and answer questions before the Reichstag Committee on Foreign Affairs. Nothing else will do! _________________________________________________________________


Anonymous said...

Don't bother posting here, Neil has already given up and gone to post this story at Harry's Place in the hopes someone will read it.

In fact if you have any comments on Neil's "work" its best to go to Harry's where he regularly trolls.

Anonymous said...

I have finally joined the ranks of the bloggers and put a link to this site on mine.

Let's have some charity for the warmongers. The peace for them will be terrible...

Anonymous said...

What do you think they would have had to say in 1945 about the fact that the vast majority of gentile Hungarians had willingly and joyfully collaborated in the genocide of over 500,000 of their Jewish fellow citizens and neighbours?

What do you think they would say now about the fact that since 1945 Hungary has lived a squalid and infamous lie about its role in the Holocaust?

Given its history, do you think that Hungary has any right to part of the civilised family of nations?