Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Anti-War League

From America, news of a terrific initiative- The Anti-War League.
I enclose a brief introduction to their aims, to be found on their website at
Doug Fuda, who is behind the initiative, is endeavouring to build up a series of chapters in all major U.S. cities and towns. His strategy and analysis is absolutely spot-on-if we are to defeat the War Party we need to build up the widest possible popular movement. But in answer to a few emails I have received on the subject-the ' left-right alliance' does not mean co-operation with Fascists/Hitler admirers, anti-semites and racists. How could it? Fascism/Nazism is the complete negation of everything we stand for. Like neo-conservatism it glorifies war and military solutions. And like neo-conservatism it also regards the concept of national sovereignty with contempt.

Nonpartisan Antiwar League Forming
Millions of Americans are deeply opposed to US government policy as currently being pursued by the "War Party." The purpose of this website is to promote the creation of a new Antiwar League that mobilizes war opponents from every corner of the political spectrum against the plans of our "Republicrat" rulers for perpetual war.
The internet reveals that there are numerous people and organizations who might best be described as antiwar/antistate and it is time for them to come together to fight for a common goal. Our new organization could immediately begin to battle the government/media propaganda machine for the allegiance of the American people and for the future of our society. Our goal would be not to capture the highly centralized warmaking power of the federal government but to dismantle that power.

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