Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Silence of the Hawks

Lewis Libby, the Chief of Staff to Dick Cheney, and a man who was instrumental in shaping the 'evidence' for the case for going to war with Iraq- has been charged with obstruction of justice, lying to the FBI and committing perjury before a grand jury. Yet, faced with this big and important news story- how do pro-war websites and bloggers respond? Well, by ignoring it all together. Not a word from Norman Geras- a man normally so keen to give an opinion. Silence too from Oliver Kamm. And a deafening hush also from the otherwise very voluble Stephen Pollard. Compare the warmongers' reaction to the Libby affair to the way they are always so quick to make their voices heard when allegations against George Galloway are made.
In his report in today's Guardian, Julian Borger quotes David Gergen, a former adviser to Reagan and Clinton as saying that a move for a new inquiry on how America got into the Iraq war is now likely.
A full, independent inquiry into how a small group of neo-conservative fanatics managed to push both America and Britain into such a disastrous conflict cannot come a day too soon.

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