Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cameron the Neo-Con

Alice Thompson in the Daily Telegraph says there are five questions she would like to ask David Cameron. But the most important one- where Cameron stands on Iraq-the defining issue of the day- is not included. The answer of course is that Cameron is a fully paid up inhabitant of Planet Neo-Con. His campaign is supported by the pro-war trio of George Osborne, Michael Gove and Ed Vaizey-(the latter pair are involved with the soon-to-be launched British section of the hard-core Atlanticist 'Henry Jackson Society'). Cameron’s transformation from leadership no-hoper to front runner has taken many by surprise. But what has happened is that the neo-conservatives, faced with the very real possibility that the Conservatives might soon have an anti-war leader, have hastily choreographed a 'Stop Clarke' campaign, by ditching their previous favourite (Davis) and promoting Cameron- the pro-war, Thatcherite as 'the man of the future'. But all the new Tory Golden Boy really represents is the last tired fling of a very old project. Far from being a ‘moderate’, Cameron is an extremist, a man who supports the illegal invasion of sovereign states and who can be guaranteed, should he ever become Prime Minister, of supporting further U.S. military conquests.

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