Thursday, September 01, 2011

Travel Supplement: Fine on the Rhine

This piece of mine, on one of Europe’s most beautiful regions, appears in the Mail on Sunday.
If you've never visited Germany's Rhineland, then I heartily recommend it.

My wife and I are standing at the top of an enormous 400ft-high rock gazing down at magnificent river scenery. But this is no ordinary rock. According to a 19th century legend, it was the spot where a beautiful siren, Lorelei, who had earlier committed suicide because of an unfaithful lover, lured boatmen to their death by bewitching them with song.

We are in the Rhineland, the spectacularly beautiful region of Germany where myths and legends - and fairytale castles - abound.

Our visit to the rock was one of the high points, literally and spiritually, of our week-long coach holiday exploring the towns and cities which lie on Europe's great river.

You can read the whole article here.


Robert said...

Wow. Makes me want to go and visit the Rhineland for myself.

Anonymous said...

Great article, Mr. Clark. The stereotype of the uptight German seems to be rather exaggerated. My understanding is that the Germans are actually quite relaxed and friendly.

Douglas said...

Enjoy your vacation, come back tanned, rested and ready to weigh in on hyperinflation in Belarus.

I'm finding Zero Hedge to be a go-to blog on financial matters.

jock mctrousers said...

I enjoyed that. Beautiful country, beautiful people. And not as life-threateningly hot as Southern Europe, for a holiday. It's sad to think of what's been lost to the world - the money wasted, the unborn generations (to quote Trakl)- throughout the 20th century, to hold our closest cousins down. For what?

Neil Clark said...

thanks for the comments.
douglas- thanks-will get back to you on Belarus.