Friday, September 02, 2011

Letter of the week: The BMA calls for halt to NHS bill

It is clear that the troubled passage of the Health and Social Care Bill reflects real concern over the future direction of the health service in England…….

the BMA continues to call for the Bill to be withdrawn or, at the very least, to be subject to further, significant amendment.

We believe there continues to be an inappropriate and misguided reliance on "market forces" to shape services.

You can read the whole of the letter from Dr Hamish Meldrum, Chairman of Council, BMA, here.
While here you can read the excellent Guardian interview with Dr Meldrum.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, please pop over to 38 Degrees,  to sign their petition and to send a letter/email to your MP ahead of next week’s third reading of Lansley’s appalling Health Bill.
Remember, it’s the future of socialised health care that’s at stake. As Seumas Milne says here, we cannot allow the end of the NHS in all but name.

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David Lindsay said...

The statutory responsibility of the Secretary of State simply is the National Health Service. We stand on the cusp of its abolition as always desired by Tony Blair and Alan Milburn, despite its having been in all three manifestos in 1945, despite its expansion and its stalwart defence by Enoch Powell, despite its having been looked after by Conservative far more often than Labour Governments until 1997, and despite the fact that until after the 2010 Election Conservative health policy, simply by staying what and where it had always been, had been significantly to the Left of New Labour's for as long as there had been any New Labour either in Opposition or in Government. Andrew Lansley was far, far better in Opposition.