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Thursday, December 02, 2010

How the neocons are spinning Wikileaks

Two great pieces, one from Seumas Milne in today’s Guardian, and the other by Sasha Cockburn in today’s First Post ,on how the neocons are spinning the Wikileaks disclosures to further their own hawkish anti-Iranian agenda.

The serial warmongers are trying to persuade us that because the King of Saudi Arabia (above) and a few other Middle East despots don’t like Iran, then that somehow that proves that the Islamic Republic is a ‘threat’.

These are the very same people, let's not forget, who told us that the governments in eastern Europe under communism had no legitimacy - and their leader’s views were of no account- because they were ‘dictators’.

But it seems the views of the unelected leaders of Middle East countries which don’t like Iran are of account. And in fact, are incredibly important. Strange that.

And while neocons have been falling over themselves to publicise the disclosure that the King of Saudi Arabia has urged the US to attack Iran, they’ve been much less keen to draw attention to another wikileak disclosure on Iran, discussed by Gareth Porter here.

I wonder why that is?

UPDATE: Mehdi Hasan has more on the neocon spinning of wikileaks over at the NS.


Robert said...

On a slightly different (but still anti-neocon) note, Mr Clark, is your very interesting article about Auberon Waugh going to appear on your website? Or will that continue to be available exclusively to American Conservative subscribers?

Neil Clark said...

Hi Robert,
Will try and put an extract up soon. Hope all's well,