Friday, July 11, 2008

What Knife Crime Epidemic?

Breaking news. The Guardian reports:

Four men have been stabbed to death across London in 24 hours, one of them a 19-year-old who became the 20th teenager to die in a violent attack in the capital this year.
All the latest casualties died within a two-mile radius of each other in unrelated incidents.
In a disturbing spate of violence, the 19-year-old died yesterday after being knifed in a confrontation in a bedsit in Edmonton, north-east London, at about 2.30pm.
Three hours later in nearby Leyton, a 20-year-old Asian man died from a stab wound to his chest after a confrontation with a gang following a car crash.
At about 8.30pm, a 22-year-old man was found with stab wounds to his head and chest in a street in Walthamstow, less than two miles away. He died an hour later.
Earlier, at 4am yesterday, the body of a man in his 40s was found with knife wounds behind a disused pub on Tottenham High Road.

What knife crime epidemic? asks uber-elite blogger Sunny Hundal, (above), the self-appointed leader of the 'liberal-left' blogosphere.

What knife crime epidemic indeed.

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Ken said...

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I had never heard of Sunny Hundal. Obviously that was an error, given your links, but he had passed from my radar.

He will be supporting the Tories at the next election. That's fine by me, but it brought him into conflict with the Drunken Hand Shandyists. For some reason I also got dragged in, basically I think because Frances, Will's former boyfriend, decided to rope me in, probably as a way to get little Willy back. (Could I make this shit up?)

Anyway, given the state of British politics at the moment, Sunny and I ended up on sort of speaking terms, and we exchanged a couple of mails.

The point is that everything is in a state of flux, and strange alliances are being carved out all the time. We attack bloggers are in the forefront of that, so don't be surprised if in a couple of months you are working with someone like Sunny against the toy-town Bolsheviks.

That's the real enemy, Neil. The sad-arsed tosspots who want everything to be just so neat otherwise it is "anti-socialist".

Let's carry on with our subversive activities and take our allies as we find them.