Thursday, July 17, 2008

Madeline Albright's 'warm embrace'

Back in 2002, in an article for The Spectator entitled ‘Colonial Wars‘, I wrote:

On the very day that KLA hardliner Hashim Thaci (having discarded his Balaclava and combat fatigues for a designer suit) was being warmly embraced by Mrs Albright for signing the Rambouillet 'peace' treaty, Europol was submitting a report for all European interior ministers on the connection between Thaci's organisation and the Albanian drug gangs that were supplying Western Europe with more than 75 per cent of its heroin.

Now we know that the Mrs Albright’s ‘warm embrace’ to the KLA’s Mr Thaci wasn‘t all to do with the achievement of US foreign policy goals in the Balkans...

One further thought:
I've heard of film stars sleeping with directors in order to get a starring role, but I think this is the first time I've heard of anyone sleeping with a politician in order to get a new state.


neil craig said...

Stanislaus Poniatowski became King of Poland briefly by shagging Catherine the Great. However both were pretty classy people & Albright & Thaci are enobled merely by being mentioned in the same sentence with them.

Anonymous said...

That picture in the linked article says it all - Madeleine the Hutt. I at least have to thank that story for giving me a second chance to have a look at my dinner.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Madsen is not always a reliable source- I'd take the sealed-with-a-kiss version of the KLA/Albright embrace with a pinch of salt.Cold realpolitik, not a gooey eyed May/September tryst, is a more likely explanation of the events in 1999.
The bit in the WMR link that really rings true is where Thaci's entourage apparently mistook Albright for a hotel domestic.That chimes with what we know of the KLA's general attitude to women; if they're too old to pimp,they can still cook and clean !

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me you believe this please.

neil craig said...

Believe it for sure - no.
Believe it possible - yes.
Believe both capable of it - for sure.

There must be a lot of people at these conferences who have heard of it, if only because officials gossip. It is as improbable as the early days of Watergate & the evidence no better - the journalist claims 3 sources but nobody else has published.