Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy 95th birthday, Michael Foot!

Former Labour Party leader Michael Foot celebrates his 95th birthday today. Michael is the longest lived leader of a British political party in history- and on top of that he's also the oldest currently registered football player in Britain (playing on the left-wing of course!)

You can read my piece on what might have happened had Michael Foot's Labour Party won the 1983 election here; while here is a link to my Guardian article of twelve months ago, arguing that 'golden oldies' like Michael are pensioned off far too early nowadays.

The case for gerontocracy is, I believe, a strong one, though I'm willing to make an exception as far as this man is concerned!


Ken said...

Hey, Neil, some Trot that I had never heard of is giving it lip - thinks that Laughland is a rightist and that you are "deranged". Ever heard of the little maggot? Full gen top of the board at my place.

Oh, congratulations to M. Foot.

Anonymous said...

Michael Foot was and remains vain and stupid.

Incidentally, may I correct an earlier comment I made about Seumas Milne? I think I described him as an overprivileged tw@. That should of course have read overprivileged Wykehamist tw@.